You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Santa....

Hello everyone! It time for a Christmas wishlist :) and since I was very good this year I am writing a letter to Santa :) So here are some of the items that found their way to my wishlist (some of items are favorites that I already tried and love but could use a new one and some of the stuff I never used and would love to try)

( No,candy,lasagna,pizza are not a part of the wishlist, I am trying to stick to a diet :D )
One of my all time favorites

I would love to try Kim Kardashian pafume

                                                       Love the Sketchers sneakers and need a new Shape ups

Heard so many great reviews about Clarisonic



                                                 The best "fake" tan line ever,love it :*

Since I saw a video on Youtube with these babies I am obsessed about them and want to try them

                                                             Cute bags from Mango

So thats it for my Christmas wishlist (well,I could go on and on and.....but I decided its better to be modest).
What is on your wishlist this year? Have you already started shopping for presents?
Love and kisses :***


  1. I ja sam bila dobra,idem brzo napisati pismo :-)

  2. @Nail crazy: Brzo po papir i olovku da Djed Mraz ima vremena sve fino da spremi i upakuje:)

  3. ih zeno, al' nam se podudaraju ukusi! mljac, mljac :))(doduse, sto se tice sminke)
    pure poison imam i OBOZAVAM GA! a i ti ces :)
    a i ove mango torbe...uh

  4. @Dijana MakeUp: Ah,Pure Poison,jedan od stvarno najomiljenijih,nekako izaziva posebna osjecanja i uspomene kad ga pomirisem:)Mogla bi ta lista da ide jos duuuugggooo al rekoh bolje biti malo skroman:)

  5. thanks.
    My boyfriend also went to work but now the car does not get it ready and I'll have to stay home.
    I hope not.

  6. Mimi i answer yor comment in my blog.
    You can go my blog and see my answer.
    Thanks for your comment. I love your comments.

  7. Dear Mimi,

    I missed you! How are you?

    Can you ask Santa to buy me pointed shoes for ballet? Thank you =)*

  8. @Pampas:Sweetie no problem,I am sure you are on top of Santa's list:)Kisses:***

    @Stasha: Thank you very much,it would be nice to get all the things from list;)