You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Know your calories 2

 Hi everyone! Its time for another "Know your calories" post,and this one will be dedicated to meat. Personally I am not a big fan of meat,I mostly eat white meat like chicken breast or turkey stakes.

So lets start.NOTE: Number of calories for 100 grams of meat

Chicken (meat and skin,roasted) - 223 cal.
Chicken (light meat,meat only,roasted) - 153 cal.
Chicken (broilers or fryers,breast,meat only,stewed) - 151 cal.
Turkey (breast,meat and skin,roasted) - 208 cal.
Turkey (breast,meat only,roasted) - 170 cal.
Turkey (light meat,roasted) - 157 cal.
Turkey (dark meat,roasted) - 187 cal.

Beef (top sirloin,separable lean and fat,pan fried) - 313 cal.
Beef (chuck,clod steak,separable lean and fat,braised) - 272 cal.
Beef (ground,95% lean - 5%fat, crumbles,pan-browned) - 193 cal.
Beef (ground,95%lean - 5%fat,patty,pan-broiled) - 164 cal.
Beef (round,tip round,separable lean only,roasted) - 176 cal.

Pork (cured,bacon,broiled,pan-fried or roasted) - 541 cal.
Pork (fresh,leg\ham\,rumple half,separable lean and fat,roasted) - 252 cal.
Pork (fresh,loin,top loin\chops\,boneless,separable lean only,pan-fried) -225 cal.
Pork (fresh,loin,center loin,chops or roasts,bone in,separable lean and fat,raw) - 224 cal. (one chop)

Other meat
Rabbit (domesticated,composite of cuts,cooked,stewed) - 616 cal.   (one piece)
Lamb (ground,cooked,broiled) - 886 cal. (one unit cooked)
Veal (cubed for stew,leg and shoulder,separable lean only,cooked,braised) - 494 cal. (one unit cooked)

Thats it for now, I hope this will be useful for you,next "Know your calories" post will be dedicated to milk and cheese and also coffee (for all of you who have the caffeine addiction like me ;)
Love and kisses :***


  1. Eu ando a tentar controlar as minhas calorias.. Mas, aqueles momentos de fraqueza perante elas..:s


  2. Its not easy,specially now with the holidays just around the corner;)

  3. Ainda bem que não como muita carne! Têm imensas calorias =0

  4. To tell you the truth I was a lil surprised when i saw some of the calories in meat,I was thinking it has way less calories:(I will have to stick to a small portion of grilled chicken brest:)