You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Golden tips (Summer french)

Hello my friends,today just a quick post to show you  my recent mani. I loved the blue that I showed you in my last post but I was inspired by a dress I was wearing so I had to change my mani:) You canimagine how happy my hubby was when I said I am not done getting ready to go out and that I need to change my nail polish :D Oh,but no worries,he ended up loving the final result :))

This is my old "Carlo di Roma" polish,and it is such a bright and fun pechh-pink-coral (ish) color (if that makes sense,I am not good at describing colors ) For some reason it doesn't show its true shade on camera,in person is so much prettier. And it mached the flowers on my dress perfect:)

The color itself is gorgeous but I wanted to jazz it up a bit so I added a touch of gold,with my "Golden Rose" nail art polish.I am very impressed with their nail art polishes,the formula is good,the brush is super thin so you can draw on the nails with no problem,and it dries pretty fast.

And there you have it - a simple and cute summer time french mani :)

Oh,and we went shopping the other day,so I brought a few new babies home with me,and I will show you those in next  few posts:) I also finally got some stuff I ordered on line a while ago (clothes,shoes...) so if you would like to see those as well let me know and I will make a post on those as well.

That's all for today,hope you liked it

Love and kisses:***

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two shades of Blue

Hello ladies,long time no see :) I missed posting so much but just could't find enough time to upload pics,edit,and write a post,but I finally wake up early today and while my son is still sleeping decided to get some things done:)
 Today I have a mani/pedi post. I used to always,but always,match my nailpolish on my finger nails and on my toes.Well now I am kinda over that and so into choosing one color but two different shades .

These are my two shades of blue, both by the brand "Cliche" - "Seychel" for my manicure, "Blue" for my toe nails:) Both polishes are easy to work with,dry pretty fast nad have a nice formula.

My feet are not very photogenic so the darker shade  looks much better in person then on pics :)
I like these two colors together,and trying to find other color combos that I can wear like this (lighter shade on my fingernails,darker on my toe nails or the other way around).

Do you mach your mani/pedi nail polish?

Love and kisses:***

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello my lovelies,hope you are all doing well :)
 I am sorry for being gone for a while now,but life was so busy lately that I just couldn't find time to blog.Anyway,I have a lot of photos that need to be uploaded and edited and a few fun manicures to show you,so I hope I can find the time to do so in the next 3-4 days:)
I will visit your blogs as well to check out what you were all up to in last few days:))

Love and kisses:***