You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goodbye frizz,hello perfectly blowdryed hair that lasts!

If your hair is long and tends to get frizzy especially in the humid weather,you spend so much time in blowdrying it and investing in anti frizz creams or lotions then this post is for you! First a lil something about my hair: It is super,extra dry (its always been like that,my mom also has dry hair).Second it tends to get so frizzy that it drives me insane,even after I get it professionaly blowdryed or straighten.
Since the economy is the way it is and I dont work I strted taking care of my hair myself and I am always lookin for something to revitalize it and nurish and something that will make the blowdrying easier and faster.Well I can proudly say that two weeks ago I found my Holy Grail of hair products and I want to share it with you!I went to a little store that sells hair suplies (but mostly for African hair) looking for a gloss finish.The lady was nice to show me a few different brands and gloss sprays so I just randomly picked one called Organics Olive Oil Shine (Extra Virgin).Its a hair polish.The lady told me just to spray it on the dry hair to give some shine.
I got home and the first things I loved about this hair polish was the smell,its amazing,like a parfume for you hair :)
Then I sprayed it on just like the lady said and it was ok,but I was not in love with it yet. Then I read the instructions on the back and it said it can be used on wet hair befor using a dryer.You shoud spray lightly trough all the hair while wet and concentrate on the ends.So I did.Then I started blowdrying the hair as usual and from the begining I was amazed.The brush went trough the hair so smoothly,no tangeling,wich made the all proces so much easier and faster.The hair looked great,it looked shiny,healthy,straight like I just got out of salon.And it smelled so good :) But my love for this product didnt stop to grow there: The next day my hair looked the same and NO sign of frizz AT ALL!!!I couldnt belive it.The day after still no frizz - just shiny gorgeous looking hair.I was so impressed that I had to go buy more 2 bottles just in case.The price is a huge plus too,it cost just 4 euros and 50 cents :)))
Hope you find this helpful,I will come back soon with a new "hair post" :)
What is you favourite hair product that gives you the best results?

Love Mimi


  1. Mimi, you have a stamp for you in my blog =)* Yeah!

    My hair is straight, very very very straight =(

  2. Thank you,you are a doll :***