You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Know your calories 1

Hollydays are just around the corner so I get the idea to research a lil about hom much calories certain food has.I know its hard to resist all the delicious food during the holliday season ( for me its the sweets that I just cant say "No" to) So this series of "Know your calories" posts will be basicly the list of different food (vegetable,fruit,meat,milk and cheese,even alcohol and coffee) and the number of calories they contain. Please note that I am not saying or promoting that you should go to dinner with a calculator and obssesivly count the calories,I just think that we should know the facts,take them in consideration and be responsable and moderate when it comes to food we eat.
This post will be dedicated to fruits and vegetables,so lets start:

Apple (raw,with skin,100g = 1 small aplle) - 52 cal.
Apricot (raw,with skin,100g = 3 small apricots) - 48 cal.
Avocado (raw,no skin,100g) - 160 cal.
Blueberries (raw,one cup) - 81 cal.
Dates (one cup,pitted,chopped) - 490 cal.
Grapefruit ( one medium) - 82 cal.
Grapes (one cup,seedless,red or green) - 114 cal.
Kiwi (one medium,no skin) - 46 cal.
Lemon (one medium) - 17 cal.
Melon (Cantaloupe,one medium wedge) - 24 cal.
Nectarine (one medium) - 67 cal.
Oranges (one large) - 86 cal.
Peaches (one medium) - 42 cal.
Pear (one medium) - 98 cal.
Pineapple (one cup,diced) - 76 cal.
Plums (one medium) - 36 cal.
Raspberries (one cup) - 60 cal.
Strawberries (one cup,halves) - 46 cal.
Watermelon (one wedge) - 92 cal.

Beans,Kidney (boiled,1\2 cup) - 108 cal.
Brocolli (one cup,chopped) - 35 cal.
Cabagge (one cup,shredded) - 41 cal.
Carrots (one cup,chopped) - 52 cal.
Cauliflower (one cup,chopped) - 23 cal.
Celery ( one cup,chopped) - 14 cal.
Corn(kernels) (1\2 cup kernels) - 354 cal.
Cucumber (1\2 cup,slices,with skin) - 7 cal.
Lentils (1\2 cup,boiled) - 115 cal.
Lettuce ( one cup,shredded) - 8 cal.
Mushrooms (1\2 cup,pieces) - 20 cal.
Onion (1\2 cup,chopped) - 36 cal.
Peas (1\4 cup) - 36 cal.
Peppers(bell or sweet) (one cup,sliced) - 18 cal.
Potatoes (one potato,baked,with skin) - 255 cal.
Pumpkin (1\2 cup,mashed) - 23 cal.
Spinach (1\2 cup) - 20 cal.
Sweet potato (one potato,baked,with skin) - 180 cal.
Tomato (one tomato,raw) - 11 cal.

So that was the list of fruit and vegetables,and let me tell you there was a few surprises for me!First the dates (wich I love so so much) with 490 cal. for a cup,then potato and sweet potato wich I thought contain much less calories :( I hope this will be usefull for you, the next "Know your calories" post will be dedicated to meat.
Hope you all have a great Sunday :))
Love Mimi


  1. Estas listas já as vi muitas vezes, mas ainda não consegui começar a controlar-me e ainda me estou pela primeira imagem...:(
    E cada vez a alargar mais e mais..:((( É para chegar ao Natal e parecer o Pai Natal..LOL
    Vamos lá ver se estes teus posts me dão aquela forçazinha que falta..;)

  2. @Mama Lu: You are very welcome!I said it a few times its hard for me too,but now I found a new way of seeing things as giving the example to my son and teaching him to eat healthy.My pre New years resolution is to be moderate and not to exagerate with sweets.We are here to help eachother so you have all my support:)
    Love and kisses:***

  3. Mimi the palette and really good.
    and has an optimum pigmentation.
    I loved it.
    doing very well, is a great gift.

  4. Eu vou trabalhar com a Mama Lu para nos controlarmos!! E estou a ver que vou passar a comer limões quando tiver apetite! x)

  5. @Raqs:Oh its hard,I can tell you that!I was never a big fan of fruit,but now since my son is crazy about apples I also start eating them.

  6. Eu gosto muito de fruta, o problema é que gosto ainda mais de bolachas x)