You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mini trend - Bird print

Hello my lovelies! Today I want to show you a mini trend for fall-winter (?!) 2011 - Bird print. I know its not even spring but the fashion never sleeps :) Many designers decided to include bird print (on dresses,bags and even shoes) and present it as a trend for next fall-winter season. (Now, if you ask me, when I think of birds I think of spring and I think it would look nice for the upcoming warm season.) So if you want to be fashion forward get your birds on today :)
The shoes are my choice:) I fell in love with these:)

Like I said I am in LOVE with those shoes,look ow cute they are! Now,instead of a dress or a blouse I would prefer some nice scarf with a bird print,and I am definitely going to look for one:)
What do you think about this trend? Are you going to get anything with bird print?
Enjoy your Sunday:)

Love and Kisses:***

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Magic of Make Up...

These pics just made me see (again and again) the true power of make up...

Our favorite stars and celebs naked...well not literally but with naked faces,no make up,showing we are all only human and everybody can have a bad hair day.
Have to admit,it will make me feel a lil better when I go to the supermarket tomorow in my sweatpants and naked face :)
Love and kisses :***

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ah...That H&M...

GLAMOUR Collection

Don't you just love H&M and the new Spring collections they are putting out almost every week? This time I bring you a sneak peek into their Glamour Collection for Spring 2011,that will hit the stores at the end of March.
However,I am not sure if Glamour Collection will be available in all H&M stores,but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

 (All pics from
I love this collection and would buy almost all of these items,but if nothing else that red cuff bracelet is mine:)
Do you shop at H&M ? How do you like this Glamour Collection?

Love and kisses:***

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still cold outside but...

I dream of Spring
 I had enough of winter,rain,cold weather on all that! I dream of Spring,I dream getting rid of all those piles of clothes I had to put on every time I go out! I want nice,warm sunny weather!! But while I still need a warm jacket and a wool scarf I find some super cute stuff for spring that I want to share with you!

A lil bit of 70's feel :)
I love these neutrals for spring, they give a fresh and polished look

With these any outfit can bloom and come to life :)
These are just some my spring choices,and all of these you can find at, this is NOT a sponsored post,although to be honest I wouldn't mind being sponsored by them :)
Have you already start thinking about spring fashion? What would be your fav spring trend?

Stay Beautiful
Love and kisses:***

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't miss this giveaway!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!I was feeling a lil lazy today so here is just a quick post about a great givaway you dont want to miss!

The amazing Nail crazy is hostin this givaway so make sure to check out her blog to see the rules and enter!You can win some super cute stuff :)
Good luck:)

Love Mimi:***

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Awards Time :)

Hi my darlings, hope you are doing well. A while ago I got some new Blog Awards from my amazing Nail crazy and Maybe's New Start! Girls THANK YOU so much for remembering me and my blog, it means a lot to me!

The firs award comes with a few simple rules so here they are:
1.Thank and post a link to the person who gave you the award
2.Sum up your blogging philosopy in just 5 words
- Aaa,thats hard but let me try: All things pretty,girly,vain :)
3.Pass it to other bloggers that you think that have that something special
This is the hardest because I would love to give awards to all of you lovely ladies,cause each and every one of you is amazing and unique in your own way.But here we go:
                           Blog da Lu
                           Butterfy Dreamer
                           Juliet's pen
                           MakeUp by Dijana
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                           O Blog da Pampas
                           Nails for fun
My lovely ladies all the awards above are for you,from heart <3

Ps. This past week was super hectic but I have a few new posts prepared.
Love and Kisses:***