You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nails of the week: Almost Chanel :)

I belive ther is no girl\woman who loves nail polish that didnt heard about Chanel Particuliere!Well,as soon as I saw the colour I instantly fell in love with it,but I refuse to pay 30 euros for a nail polish!!Sorry,it may be Chanel,it may be amazing colour but at the end of the day its just nail polish and I belive that you can find amazing dupes for a good price.And last week I finaly find a perfect dupe (by my opinion).I was walking with my son and entered a chinesse store and since its possible to find some nice polishes in there I took a look.And I found a polish called Yolizul fashion (in colour 505).It says its made in Spain (if that makes any sense since its been sold in a chinese store).The best of all it cost me just 1 euro!!!To be honest for the price I didnt expect much but I was really impressed:it goes on so nice you could get away with just one coat,but two is perfect,and it lasted 3-4 days! So here are some pics that dont do any justice to this polish but it may give you the idea why I think its a great dupe for Chanel Particuliere.
                                                                  Chanel Particuliere 505  
 Just now I noticed that Chanel and my Yolizul fashion have the same colour number - 505 :))

My camera is  a lil off lately so the colour apears just slightly darker then it really is.It is such a perfect shade of greige (beige + gray) and this is the second week I am wearing it,and love it!! I have to snoop around and see if this Yolizul have more colours and I will keep you updated with what i found!What is your favourite polish of the moment?Did you find some good dupes for less?
Hope you all have amazing evening!
Love Mimi

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Movie of the week: "RED"

Today in the afternoon i finaly got some time to sit and watch a movie :) A few days ago my hausbant downloaded a really good copy of the new Bruce Willis movie called "RED" .If you like tipical action movies a la Mr.Willis then you will like this movie.Besides him stars Morgan Freeman,John Malkovich,Helen Mirren and Mary-Luise Parker.A few retired CIA buddies trying to figure out who and why made a hit list of all people who participated in a mission in Guatemala in the 80´s.Ofcourse there is a lil of romance and comedy involved but a lot more shooting,car chases explosions...
Conclusion:Not the greatest movie ever,but I can say its ok,watchable.I am a huge fan of action movies so I have to say I expected more of this movie and the great cas of actors.
What is the last movie you watched,and did you liked it?

Love Mimi

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trend I love :Knits

I am so glad that designers deacided that this winter its stylish to be warm and cozy,in other words: Knits are back!!!

These pics are from D&G show from Milan,but many other designers have knits in their this season´s collections.This trend is,in my opinion,so easy,so practical for every day,casual and comfortable and yet it can be so fun to combine colourful hats,gloves,scarfs,ear muffs.Ofcourse the main peace is a super warm sweater that you can pair with skiny cord jeans or even knit leggings and comfortable pair of boots.

All the above are from,they have very cute things and at affordable prices.And there I also find these adorable slipper boots,that will be my next purchase.I love to feel warm and comfortable at home:)

When it comes to sweater or cardigan I prefer more simple or basic neutral colours like black or nude,gray and then add a pop of colour with scarfs,hats and gloves.

They go great with skinny cords

Cant wait to get a lil more cold so I can pull out some knits from my closet (ok,and to have an excuse to buy some more :)
What is your favourite trend for this winter?
Love Mimi :**

Monday, October 11, 2010

My sunshine,my life

This is one of the pics we took just a few days ago while we were playing outside with our lil boy.Rafael is always so happy when playing outside:) This pic of him just warms my heart and make me smile,so I wanted to share it with you :)

My first stamp :)

Today i got my first stamp:)))Sweetheart Pampas from O Blog da Pampas send me one and it made my day:)The rules are to list 9 things about yourself and to pass the stamp to 9 other ppl. So to start here are some things about me:

1. Proud mother of an amazing lil two year old boy Rafael
2.In November will be 3 years since i live in Portugal (and loving it) and 3 years since me and my hubby Luis are together:)
3.I was born and raised in Montenegro,so serbian is my first language,english second,spanish third and portuguesse fourth (so yes,there is often a huge confusion in my head)
4.Love dogs and cant wait for my son to grow up a lil more so we can get one
5.I get bored easy with my hairstyle and colour so i tried everything from ash and platinum blond to jet black and all in between
6.Complete cofeine junky - dont talk to me in the morning till i drink my first cup of coffee
7.I am not very good at cooking,but i am trying
8.Smoker,and trying to quit :(
9.I am skyping with my family every day

I am passing this stamp to :
Sahasrara (Filipa Simas)
Cupcakecartel (Miss Cupcake)
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Hope you all have a great day!
Love Mimi :***

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It was a long day...

It was a long day today...first it was raining almost all day.I dont like the rain for a few reasons but mainly its because my back start to hurt so bad it almost hard to breathe :( Second,my son was pretty cranky today and very determined to push our buttons in every possible way (ahh,i realize now why ppl call it "the terrible two´s)...Besides,its almost 10 pm and my lil Rafa is still jumping around the living room full of energy,and my hubby is at work:( Need a deep breath and count to 10:1,2...5....well continuing to count...101,.. :) On a days like this i   calm myself with a
big cup of cappucino (nice foam and extra chocolate on top) and

So many times i feel ashamed that every time i feel tierd or stressed (or both) i reach for ciggarets,but yes,my old friend marlboro and huge cup of warm cappucino is what makes me feel better in an instant ,a lil more calm.(I dont even want to start talking about that big peace of chocolate cake,so shhhhh)
Anyway,its too late and raining to go out get the cappucino and cigars so a nice cup of camomile tea and some celebrity gossip on Entertainment Tv will have to do!
Good night my lovely ladies,dream some sweet,pink,fluffy dreams
Love Mimi