You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lady like loves :)

Keep it warm for winter: Fur boots,vests,bags

When i think of winter i think of warm clothes and footwear,something comfortable (and cute) for the cold days that are just around the corner.And this season's trends are so me: you can see fur everywhere from vests,boots even handbags. One thing i have to say: I love fur as along as it is not real,there is no need for any animal to die in order the tren and fashion victims to look stylish! Now,lets start with boots: There are so many different styles of boots with fur that i think you can choose something for the day as well somethin more glamourus for a night out. You can wear them with dark jeans or leggings (or jeggings ),leather jacket,but i think the rest of the outfit shoul be more toned down or simple because the fur boots are there to make a statement.Here are some of my favourites:
Australia Love - 237$

Guess Footwear "Bountiful" - 139 $

                                               Juicy Couture "Everly" - 210 $

                                          Sam Edelman "Winsford"- 225 $

And my absolute favourite Miu Miu i was trying to find out the price of these but with no luck :( These are on the top of my winter wishlist :)
  And now a few to glam it up for a night on the town :
Christian Loubutin
Roberto Cavalli

Fur vests are another favourite of mine for this winter.They are warm,comfy,you can dress them up or down,wear it during the day or evening.I like wearing fur vests with a simple cashmere turtleneck or a light blouse to make a contrast to the fur.
So many colours and styles to choose from.
 It would be too much fur to wear it even with a fur handbag but i just wanted to show you my favourite bag for cold weather.I bought it a few years ago and just wear it once or twice but since its so IN right now,will be rocking it more often :)
What are your favourites for the upcoming winter?

Love Mimi

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Skincare: Have you tried the Oxygen Spray?

Even more then in make up i am  so into the skincare products,and i am always looking for the next best thing thats going to make my skin soft,clear,moiturized (we all want perfect skin right?).My skin was always very dry (it still is) but apart from ocasional breakout i was very lucky and never had the problems with acne.Keeping the skin to feel moisturized is all another story.But everything changed after the birth of my son,when i got acne on both parts of my cheeks.I was so desperate,my once clear face was covered in those red, nasty spots.Fast forward two years my face calmed down (so as the hormons i guess) but i still have some acne scars left,and i keep looking for something that will make them go away.My mom talked to me about the Oxygen Spray she found at the local pharmacy,and how she heard that is doing amazing things for the skin.I have heard abot oxygen facial treatments that you can get in beauty salons or at the spa,but i didnt know about the spray.I reasurch a lil and this is what i find out:
- It claims to moisturizes the skin,it helps absorve other skincare products more effectivly,enchances makeup finish,accelerate skin renewal after exfoliation,helps with acne and acne scars ...amon other wonderful things it claims to do to your skin.

Usualy i am very sceptical about the products that claim to be miraculus and multipurpose,but i will give it a try,and mainly because it says it doesnt contain alcohol so it would not dryout my already dry skin. My mom will send it to me in a few days so i am planing to try it and take pics of before,during and after,to see if my skin really improved or not.Looking forward to get rid of the acne scars :)))
Have you tried any oxygen facial treatment or spray and how did it work for you?

Love Mimi

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Closet's cravings: Rubber boots,new trenchcoat,stylish umbrella

Wake up today and noticed a grey,cloudy sky and realised the summer is officialy over :( Here comes the rain again...i also realised my closet isn't happy at all.No it is craving some new things for the colder,rainy days. Here are just a few new cravings of my crazy old closet :)
No.1   Rubber boots - Ok,when i was a child rubber boots were the most hated pair of footwear,and was trying to avoid wearing them aqny way i could.Now my closet is crazy about rubber boots!Insane right? And not just any rubber boots but The Hunter's (Boa Snake Embrossed Rubber Boots)
Now the price of these is 225 $ (on,which i think is a lil too much just for rubber boots (ahhhh but the closet wants what the closet wants...) The rubber boots are a huge trend and almost every major brand have them in the collection for the fall.I prefere black but there are some with very cute prints.

No2 New Trench coat - The classic that never goes out of style and and would be a great match for a cute pair of rubber boots. Unlike the rubber boots trench is a peace of clothing worth investing a lil more money in (it can las you a really long time,always looks trendy and put together and you can wear it with almost anything)

This one is just 79,50 (AE Classic Trench Coat) at think that is a very good price for trench coat.Also Mango and H&M have really cute and affordable models.Would look perfect with a nice blouse underneath and a printed scarf.
No.3 Umbrella - Its not like i dont have an umbrella,but till i stumbled across these adorable and unique looking umbrellas i never thought i need a new one.I find them at and the prices are from 26,95 $ - 28,95. They look so fresh and can make any rainy day otfit just stand out on a gray and cloudy weather. Match with with your favourite nail polish for extra fun :) 

You can also choose a cool black and white umbrella to go with white or black trench coat and rubber boots to complement the look ( a pop of red like a nice scarf , red nails or lipstick would make the black and white outfit stand out)

What are your closet cravings of the season?
Love Mimi

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The best eye shadow primer ever!

When it comes to eye shadow,what ever your colour of choise may be,we all want the same thing - to be vibrant and to stay on for a long time without creasing. I have tryed a few eye shadow primers,or eye shadow bases if you want,but for me nothing can compare to Coverderm´s classic ( waterproof concealing foundation)!I know it doesnt say its eye shadow base,and i bought it with intention to use it as a concealer,but it just didint work for me.But one day a run out of my usual eye primer so deacided to give Coverderm a chance.I was amazed,my eye shadow stayed on place wthout smudging or creasing all day long.And i have to say that i was using it all summer and i am in love with it! It comes in a really small 15 ml (0.5 fl.oz) jar but a lil bit goes a long way.Its enough to just slightly dab a finger and touch a product and you can cover whole lid.It is  hypoallergenic and has UVA-UVB protection and SPF 30.And did i said its waterproof  :) On the downside its not cheap (i think i bought it for 20 something euros) but considering how little you need it can last you a really long time,and i will definitely buy it again.What is your favourite eye shadow primer?
Love Mimi


Hello lovely people and welcome to my blog!I am new at blogging but it seems like a lot of fun.I am here to share my lil box of opinion about all beauty,fashion and makeup related things.In love with glamour and all things pretty, i belive us women are all at least a lil vain,but we are all beautiful and fabulous in our own unique way .Hope you enjoy my blog and share your opinion with me! Have and amazing day :)
Love Mimi