You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring challenge: Bugs (blue & purple)

Hello ladies,hope you are all doing well:) Today its time for another Spring challenge manicure.This time the theme is "Bugs" and the color combination was blue and purple.

Now let me tell you something,in real life I am soooo cared of bugs - small,big,those that crawl,or fly...(my hubby always makes fun of me when I scream from the top of my lungs every time I see a tiny spider or anything like that ) But I decided to make my bugs cute and not scary at all:)

Take a look

I had a lot of fun doing this manicure and I really like how it turned out:) Guess today was a good day to do nail art:)

These are all the polishes I used

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That's all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring challenge: Fruit and dots (pink & green)

Hello lovelies.Here we are at theme number 3 of the Spring challenge. This time its fruit and dots and I chose pink and green color combination.
This mani was ready to go yesterday but blogger didn't let me upload my pics.So here we go again today :)

At first I wanted to do strawberries but at the last moment I decided to do cherries:)
Very simple and basic,as I always do:)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cloudy day camouflage manicure:)

Hello ladies,hope the weather is sunny in your part of the world:) In here we have a crapy weather for almost a week now,so gloomy and rainy,doesn't feel like spring at all :( In the last post you saw a very bright orange and pink manicure that was part of the Spring challenge. But it didn't mach my outfit so I decided to change it :) I was wearing my army green blouse and leather leggings with biker boots so I thought the darker mani would go better:)

I painted my nails in dark green and my ring finger in a lighter shade of army green and added some camouflage print.

Like I said there is no sun for the past few days and the darker green polish was so hard to capture in pics:(

This is the closest to the true color. "Cliche"- Camuflado and "Cliche" - Kahki (on the ring finger).For the camouflage effect I used random brown,gray and black polish.

I like how it looks on the nails so this mani is staying on for the next 2-3 days:))

That's all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring challenge: Flowers and stripes (Orange and pink)

Hello ladies,its time for the second theme of the Spring challenge. Today's theme is called "Flowers and stripes" and I chose to use the orange and pink color combo.
I love orange and pink and I love how those two colors look together. Now I love nail art but I am just not very good with flowers so I did something very simple. I did my gel nails again yesterday,much better to paint and do nail art then my super short ones :D
 Take a look how it turned out:

The orange is "Golden Rose",the flowers and stripes are painted with my old "Dermaclesia" polish and the light pink is "Cliche" (Colinho)

It is a quite simple nail art but I like how it looks,if nothing else it brightened my day a bit since its so gloomy and rainy in here for the past few days:(

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Monday, April 16, 2012

OPI and Minnie Mouse

Hello lovelies:)  Many of you already know I am a huge Minnie Mouse fan,as well as nail polish addict so when I found out that OPI is came up with Minnie collection I was so excited:)

Just look at these pretty colors

The collection will be available from June.The names of these babies are: "Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It", "The Color of Minnie", "If You Moust You Moust" and "I'm All Ears".

Love all the four shades but the first one on top pic really caught my eye.A sheer pink(ish) top coat with hearts,beyond pretty :))Even the display looks super cute.

What do you think about this Minnie Mouse collection,would you buy any of these polishes?

(Source and pics )

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Challenge: Love and life (yellow & green)

Hello ladies,hope you are enjoying your weekend :) I decided to join the Spring Challenge created by Mateja, and create spring inspired nail art. All the rules you can check out here.

 The first theme is called "Love and Life"  and I went for yellow and green color combo:)

And let me tell you it was quite a challenge to do since I took off my gel nails and my natural nails are super short and my cuticles are a real mess:( But I decided to go with i anyway and have a lil fun. For the "Love and Life" theme I chose to draw two little aliens who are in love <3 Spring is the time of the year when love blooms everywhere and even little aliens fall in love in spring :))
So here are the pics

Not my best work,I have to admit,but I still think they turn out cute:) Next one will be better,I promise ;)

For the next challenge I will try to do my gel nail again so I have a better canvas to work with :) Now check out what fun manicures the other ladies did for this challenge

That is all for today,hope you liked it and stop by in a few days for another Spring Challenge manicure:)

Love and kisses:***

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New diet & workout routine

Hello ladies,hope you are all doing well:) As the title say today I want to talk to you about my new diet/workout routine. And it all started on Easter afternoon....

As it is usual,Easter is fool of delicious and yummy food and sweet treats and our home was no exception.For lunch we had BBQ and even I know I shouldn't have any because of my past ulcer problems I did anyway.Not just the BBQ,but the other spicy and yummy stuff as well.And then I spent the Easter afternoon in pain and with my hubby making me tea. So it was time for a change :) I went back to my old diet of mostly eating just fruit and vegetables.Its been four days now and it feels great.
This is what I eat:
Breakfast: fruit and light yogurt or some unsweetened cereals and coffee
Lunch: vegetable mix,egg whites omlete,tuna salad ...
Dinner: Salad or toast and tea
Snacks: always fruit
One thing I don't give up is coffee :))

I also love cream vegetable soups,they are so yummy and very simple and easy to make so I try not to buy them in the supermarket but to eat the homemade ones :)
No supermarket juice for me as well :) Since the oranges here are so good I make my own juice.And I find the water based/herbal drink that has only 1 calorie per 100 ml (yes just 1 you read well) It tastes like tea,but its very pleasant and I like it a lot,since as you may know I just don't like water,and even I try to drink as much as I can its very hard.

Now for the exercise and my new routine.

I saw on YouTube so many ppl raving about these Dvd workout so I give it a try:) Let me tell you - Its Amazing:) There are a lot of different exercises,not just the "butt lift" ones.If you do it right you feel the muscles burning:) You can get the dvd set on line (I think you can buy it at Amazon) for around 20 dollars.Or if you are cheap like me you can download it for free :))) 

So that is it:) Eating healthy and working out and hope to see some results soon.Now I am not trying to loose much weight,maybe just 2 or 3 kg,but I am really looking forward to more toned body:)

NOTE: I am not a nutritionist,nor I claim this is the right way to eat,this is just what feels good and works for me

Do you work out?Do you follow any special diet? 

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter :)

Dear friends just a quick post to wish you all a Happy Easter:) Have a great day with your loved ones,be happy,smile and enjoy

Love and kisses:***

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter nails: Where the bunnies are

Hello ladies,today as promised,I want to show you my Easter mani :) At first I wanted to paint some colorful eggs or chicks but my son is obsessed with chocolate bunnies at the moment so he wanted to see them on my nails too :)

Here is what I used,all nail polish painted

And here is how the mani looks 

I painted the bunnies on on my thumb,middle,and the pinkie and the rest I used the blue,yellow and pink dots to represent Easter eggs. My cuticles are super dry lately no matter what I do,plus I cut my finger today while making lunch,so please just  ignore that :)

I like how the mani turned out,and my lil boy liked it as well:)I have these nails on for almost 2 months now,so right after Easter I am taking them off to give my natural nails a little break,but you will still see some nail polish/nail art posts here:)

That's all for today, hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***

Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Easter fun :)

Hello ladies,happy Friday :) Today's post is not about nails or beauty,just to share a part of my day with you. Today we were decorating our Easter eggs,and to be honest I had no idea what to do,so as usual went online to search for inspiration:)

The food colorants I bought are a crap,the color almost didn't transfer to eggs at all :( But we still had a lot of fun,and that's what matters:)
Here is how the first round turned out

Notice the last one in a row? My little man added his artistic touch there :D

He had so much fun,and wanted to try the eggs right away:))
Didn't have the time to paint my nails, I will do that tomorrow so stop by to see my Easter mani:)

Have you decorated your eggs yet? How do you do it,what colors do you use?

Love and kisses :***

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mini polish haul and blue crackle nails

Hello ladies,hope you are all well:) This post was planed to be published a few days ago,but for some reason blogger didn't allow me to upload my pics,have no idea why:( But here it is now,better late then never:)

During the weekend we went for a walk and of course I came home with 4 new nail polish bottles.

They are all by "Cliche" and each one cost 1 euro. (the first two "Colinho" and "Sonho" are baby pink but there were no sun at all so couldn't capture the color for the life of me) "Colinho" is a beautiful baby pink with tiny shimmer,"Colinho" is a cream light pink, "Seychel" is a gorgeous cream blue and "Copacabanna" is a pastel yellow. I was the most excited about "Copacabanna" and wanted to try it out right away was so streaky ,even with 3 coats it still didn't look nice and opaque.Then I removed it and try again,this time with a base coat...same thing,and then I tried again :( I was so mad,because I really love the color,but I don't think I will ever try it again:( The rest of them are great,no applying problems,non streaky,dry fast:)

After being so annoyed with the yellow,I took my "Golden Rose" polishes,and this is the result

The base is a light "mermaid" blue "Golden Rose Paris" number 52 and the blue crackle is also from the same brand just their "Graffiti" line,number 07

No problem at all with these two polishes,they both apply really nice,dry pretty fast and that is why I love this brand:) I am not the biggest crackle fan but I liked the result:)

That's all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***