You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Current favorites: Dark lipsticks and gloss (swatches)

Hello my sweethearts <3 Its raining so much these past few days,its gloomy and grey,but its my favorite kind of weather to rock dark lips :) In this post I will show you my favorite two lipsticks and lip gloss I have been using this winter.

In the order shown above: Avon Plump pout lip gloss in the shade ''Berry plush", Avon Color trend lipstick in ''Deluxe'' and NYX round lipstick in "Medusa".

Avon Plump pout gloss I bought because I loved the color, I didn't expect any plumping effect and Angelina Jolie lips :) It has a brush instead of a classic sponge applicator,glides on really nice leaving the just the right amount of color on the lips.Perfect for every day to day use,when you don't have the time or patience to line the lips,put the lipstick,blot with a tissue... It has a beautiful multicolor shimmer.

You can wear it on top of lipstick for a little extra glam,just don't expect the plumping effect (at least I haven't noticed it)

NYX ''Medusa" is the first thing I bought when NYX Cosmetics became available in Montenegro.I was so excited and happy to finally be able to see their makeup in person and swatch it on my own :)

Pretty plum with tiny shimmer,is how I would describe this color.Very creamy,feels light on the lips which is a big plus for me. On its own (no lip liner,blothing,powder)doesn't last very long,but if you are willing to spend a little more time and do the whole '' long lasting lipstick'' routine it will stay put even trough your night out :) Wear on days when you want to feel vampy and daring :)

Avon Color trend lipstick in shade ''Deluxe'' I bought along with their Plump pout gloss because I heard good things about it.And I wasn't disappointed at all.Classic burgundy lipstick,creamy formula,it has a nice scent to it,smooth application. Stays on a decent amount of time.Great quality and good price.

Just bu looking at these two lipsticks I thought they will be very similar but once swatched on my hand and on the lips it is obvious that they are quite different - "Deluxe" is deep dark red and "Medusa" is plum.Both very pretty shades to rock don't you think :)

Those were my current lipie favorites,and I would love to know yours.

Love and kisses:***

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I See You :)

Hello my lovely ladies,hope you are having an amazing day :) After a while I am back with some simple nail art,I had quite a few ideas in mind,but I wanted to wait a lil till my natural nails recover after months of wearing acrylics.They finally look kinda decent and I was so happy to do nail art on my own nails again :)

I saw this super easy nail art tutorial on YouTube the other day and thought it would be fun to recreate it.

Bellaoggi Strass effect in 05,as a base,Golden Rose With Protein in 242 ( cream opaque white),Don Juan One Coat (beautiful blue,sorry the number got erased),Golden Rose Rich color in 27 (dark cream purple) were the polishes I used. I finished it with Golden Rose Gel Look Top coat - my  favorite top coat at the moment :)

The design is not that perfect,but I still think its cute and fun <3

That is all for today,hope you liked it :) Would you wear this mani?

Love and kisses:***

Monday, December 16, 2013

New in: Mini make up and polish haul

Hello sweethearts,Happy Monday :) I have a mini haul to share with you today,a few make up items and polishes I got in the past week. I will not talk in detail about the products,since some of them I haven't tested yet,but if you are interested I will do reviews :)

First I got a cute set that comes with a mascara and a black kohl eye pencil from Pupa, and it comes in a pretty silver pouch.It was on sale,plus it looked so festive I just couldn't pass it. Mascara is Pupalash Mascara Energizer and the kohl pencil comes in black with a smudge sponge at the end.I used the mascara only once,just to try it out,so far so good,but I want to test it out more :)

This is my little purple and glitter bunch :) Golden Rose Extreme sparkle eyeliner in 01 (silver glitter),Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner in plum (these I heard so so much about that I finally decided to try them ) Golden Rose Holiday in number 58,a beautiful purple/burgundy sand polish with gold and bronze glitter.And last but not least Golden Rose Rich Color in number 27- rich dark cream purple. You will see the nail polish swatches soon :)

I already have one of the Golden Rose extreme sparkle glitter eyeliners in blue and I love it,so when I saw they are on sale for 1,50 I was so happy.All I can say is I am in Love with this silver beauty,I already have made a make up look using it and I want this eyeliner in every existing color <3

Schwarzkopf Gliss hair repair leave in spray conditioner for long hair prone to split ends- I love the Gliss line and use shampoos,conditioners and masks for years,I am a huge fan of these spray leave in treatments.They smell nice and work great :)

The last thing I got is this cute Christmas ornament like bubble bath from Avon.It looked so festive and Christmasy plus I love the white lilly scent.

That was my mini haul for today,hope you liked it :)

Love and kisses :***

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sprinkle some gold dust

Gold,sparkles,glitter...what better way to get in the holiday spirit :) To kick start the countdown to Christmas I have a beautiful gold sparkly nail polish,to lift your mood and get you started singing "Jingle bells" :)

Like you can see from the pics above,this beauty is "Bellaoggi" Strass Effect in number 05 (I would call it gold dust,but that's just me :) Its a perfect holiday nail polish,opaque in two coats,applies with no problem thanks to its wide brush. I was surprised  to see it dries to a sand finish,but you can still see the glitter <3

There are a few more colors in their Strass Effect collection and I can't wait to get the silver one too :)  After all its that magical time of the year when you can use and abuse glitter.I know I will :)

Hope you have your holiday mood and Santa hats on :)

Love and kisses :***

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer recap - beach,pastel pink hair,nails and dogs

Hello my sweethearts,I feel like I haven't blogged in ages...but I really needed some time apart from blogging and social networking just to spend time with my loved ones and enjoy the sunny days. This post will be a little recap of my summer :)

Spent a lot of time doing nails this summer,practicing and perfecting my nail art :) I even started working with acrylic powder and I did a first acrylic set of nails on myself and my BFF :)
Some of the nail art

Snake skin print- these are one of my all time favorites <3

Do what you love and it will never feel like work - I feel really blessed that I am doing what I love and am passionate about and I enjoy every new day at the salon :)

For the longest time I wanted to try out pastel hair colors so I went for pastel pink,and LOVED IT !!!

Spent a lot of time working,but still got to go to the beach and have some fun :)

My lil man loves making sand castles <3

Flok loves the beach too :) (My Bff's dog )

I left the best for last :) My fav part of the Summer 2013- adopting Nina,amazing labrador from the animal shelter. If you follow me on twitter,you know we wanted a dog for a really long time,just couldn't decide on the breed or if we want a puppy or an adult dog and so on.But since our son's birthday was getting closer we thought the moment is perfect.We went to the animal shelter and fell in love with 2 year old labrador we call Nina. She is a little more then 3 weeks with us and we love her,she is such a good, well behaved,sweet and loving dog.

First time we met in the shelter,she just jumped at me and I knew she would come home with us :)

She sometimes comes to the salon to visit me and check the nail art :D

Lol,this is how we look when we wake up :D

And that's how I spent my summer, how was yours? Are you excited for Fall?

Love and kisses :***

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random Sunday: Nail art Seminar,day at the beach,yoga and dreams that came true

Hello my sweethearts,long time no see :) I feel I haven't blogged in so long I just don't know from where to start. So,let me just say a few words about the Gel,Acrylic and Nail art Seminar I attended. It was a two day  day event with presentation of IBD and Galaxy products and it was great,I am so grateful I had the chance to learn so much. I started practicing nail art on a daily basis,I fell in love with acrylic paints and tried nail art using UV gel.
The seminar made me think of how much I love the beauty industry,how much I enjoy doing hair and nails,and anything beauty related really. I was always good with hair so I finally decided to step it up and make a career change and start doing what I really love.I am currently at my BFF's salon (she is a hairstylist and a nail technician for 15 years) where I am training for a hairstylist (and practicing my nail art).All I can say is that I am so happy and I am loving every minute of it.

Practice,practice ... :)

The roses and flower petals I did on my friend's nails :)

Last weekend I took some time off and went to the beach with hubby and friends.We did a 13 km walk along the beach,had lunch and took a yoga class at sunset.It was a great relaxing day,it was so much fun :)

Paradise <3

For the end of this post I leave you with my latest mani,tropical inspired flowers I am in love <3

That is all for today,hope you all have an amazing Summer <3

Love and kisses:***

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roses for the sunshine :)

Hello my lovelies,hope you are having a great day :) We are in the month of June already,summer is just around the corner,but we had so much rain it felt more like November lately.I am tired of wearing rubber rain boots and always fussing with an umbrella. I want sunshine,and I want it NOW! And what better way to call up the Sun then with some flower manicure?
I am no expert in flower nail art,I admire ladies who do some amazing flower designs and I wanted to try it myself for the longest time. I have been practicing a little and yesterday I came up with the design I am happy with.I liked it so much I did the same nail art on my toes as well :)

My first roses <3 Aren't they cute? I added some polka dots just to mix and match. Like I said,I still need a lot of practice with my roses/flowers but I love how these turned out.All painted with nail polish.
The weather was so gloomy and I am sorry I couldn't take better pics outside #bbloggerproblems

As a base I used baby blue polish by Londesa called Flert polish,for roses I mixed opaque white by Golden Rose Protein (#242) and neon pink by Yes Love (#44),for leaves I used Bellaoggi Sixty seconds green polish (#18).Top coat is Eveline 3in1.

For the weekend I will be attending a 2 day seminar about gel and acrilic nails and nail art and I am so excited too see the new techniques and nail art experts at work :)

 I will try to take pics so you can expect a blog post on that too.

That is all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***