You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Colorful summer mani

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are having an amazing day :) I have a quick post for you today,just to show you my fun and bright summer inspired manicure. Since the weather here is pretty crazy lately (from 30 degrees,rain,cloudy,storms,you name it we have it all) I wanted to have something bright and funky,something summery on my nails.This is what I came up with

Leopard design with neons make it summer perfect <3 Opaque white polish I used as a base is by Golden Rose,all the neons are by Yes Love.

Have to admit,its not the most neat nail art I have done,and its far from perfect,but I love it anyway <3It made a gloomy day so much brighter and better :)

Hope you like it too :)

Love and kisses:***

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review - Golden Rose Stick Concealer

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are having a great day :) Let's talk about concealer today. I think its a must have in every woman's make up bag,and its an essential weather we want to cover up dark under eye circles, hide blemishes or play up the contour. I will show you my new favorite concealer I found at the drugstore not so long ago and I fell in love.It is Golden Rose stick concealer 

Now lets start from the packaging- This is to be honest the only thing I don't like about this concealer. It has a small lipstick like transparent plastic packaging,that looks like it can break really easy if it falls,and I will not lie,it does look kinda cheap.Another issue I have is that when you try to twist it back after use it doesn't go all the way down back in the tube,and if you are not careful you can ruin the concealer.

It contains 4,5 g of product and I got mine in shade 04.I noticed on their display in the drugstore that there are quite a few shades to choose,and that is a big plus.They even have a pure white shade which I think can be great to use as eye shadow base.(I think I will go back to the drugstore to pick it up)

The concealer is super creamy,it goes on your skin so smooth, amazingly pigmented.It blends so easy,you can use a brush,sponge (I like to use a classic wedge make up sponge) or your fingers. I tried all three and it works well no matter what application technique you choose,it blends like a dream.
I use it under my eyes to highlight the area when contouring and to hide the lack of sleep,then set it with my tr Stay Matte powder by Rimmel.It does not crease at all,it stays for hours and that is one of the main reasons I love this concealer.

It also covers up smaller blemishes,but my skin is clear now (thank God) so I don't know about acne or scars. I tried is as eye shadow primer/base and it is amazing! The eye shadow stayed put in place without the slightest hint of creasing the entire day (I put my make up on around 9 am and took it of at night before bed and the eye shadow still looked perfect).
One more great thing is the price - The drugstore was having some of Golden Rose products on discount and I payed around 1,70 euros #win Even without discount the concealer is super affordable and it costs less then 3 euros.

So if you are looking for a good concealer for under your eyes,to cover up smaller blemishes,contouring and a great eye shadow primer I would recommend you to try Golden Rose stick concealer.

Hope this review was helpful.

Have you tried Golden Rose stick concealer? What is your favorite concealer?

Love and kisses:***

Saturday, May 18, 2013

No doubt about glitter :)

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are all having an amazing weekend :) Today I was feeling girly and I wanted a soft,light,feminine manicure.So I went trough my polish drawers and found an old 'Carlo di Roma' pale pink cream polish that I fell in love again instantly <3 But then I found something else,something sparkly and fun :) Talking about glitter of course :D

This is also an old polish,"Golden Rose' from their Paris line,the number faded,I don't even remember when I bought it,I couldn't open it,I had to wait for hubby to help me out :D But it was a perfect match for my pale pink girly manicure:)

'Carlo di Roma' 03 - classic,pale cream pink that always look good.

And this is how two old timers created a romantic and sweet manicure <3 This will be my mani for Saturday's night date with hubby :)

That is all for today,enjoy your weekend,have fun,smile,dance,be happy :)

Love and kisses:***

Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 in 1 - Last weeks manicures :)

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are all doing great:) I feel like I haven't posted nothing in ages and I missed blogging,but life gets pretty hectic and sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day. I didn't have much time to blog,but I still managed to take pics of my manicures :) So without any more rambling here are my three manicures I wore for the past week :) All simple,but bright and fun:)

Perfect coral <3 Golden Rose Fantastic color in number 211.You saw it in my latest Easter polish haul,and I used it in my summer inspired mani,but last week I just wanted to wear it on its own,and I loved it.

You saw this baby already too,but I thought it won't hurt if I show it to you again :) Don Juan Nail Stars LK146 just went perfectly with my stripe romper and you know how much I love pink so its a match made in heaven. I have to say I am really impressed with Don Juan nail polishes,I have a new blue DJ polish I will show you soon.

Last few days I have been obsessed with polka dots,on skirts,blouses,pants and my nails :) Opaque white polish I used as a base is by 'B girl' (sorry,can't remember the number,it was my friends nail polish) and the polka dots are done with Golden Rose nail polishes.

It was a long and busy week,I still have some errands to run tomorrow and I am ready to enjoy the weekend :D

That is all for today,hope you liked it :)

Love and kisses:***