You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy step by step 'cracked stone' nail art tutorial

Hello my sweethearts,happy Monday :) I few days ago I posted a photo and asked you if you would love to see a  step by step nail art tutorial and since all the comments were so positive here it is finally :) I had the tutorial ready to go just had some problems with uploading that's why I couldn't post it till today.
Anyway,lets get on with the tutorial :

These are the nail polishes I used: A black matte nail polish (but you could do with just a regular black,doesn't have to be matte), Purple polish with shimmer to add dimension,and a silver shimmer polish.A dotting tool and a small nail art brush (if you don't have any you can use a needle or a toothpick)

Step one: Paint 2 or 3 coats of black nail polish.Apply thicker coats,it will make the end result better.

Step two: While the polish is drying take your dotting tool and make dents all over the nail,it doesn't have to be neat,the more mess you will get a better effect :)

Step tree: Take a nail art brush and press and drag to create irregular lines around the middle.Then use purple shimmer nail polish and dab it around the edges

Step four: Time to use the silver nail polish.Clean off your nail polish brush so you are left with just a tiny bit of polish on and start dabbing it over the dents you made.Don't over do it,you should still be able to see the black and some purple underneath.At the end it should look rough and with cracks, just like the old stone surface.I didn't use a top coat.

And there it is,it is super easy to do,you don't need to be expert in nail art to do it,it is a messy nail art that looks cool :)

Hope you like it,let me know if you try it out :)

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Step by step crackled stone nail art tutorial?

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are all enjoying your Sunday :) Saturday evening I spent experimenting with nail art,I had no previous idea what to make,I was just plaing with my nail polishes.I just wanted something with texture.The end result resembled crakled stone (or at least it did to me :) but I liked it.
Let me know what you think,and if you would be interested in a step by step pic tutorial :)

Is it something you like?Would you wear it?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Love and kisses:***

Friday, March 15, 2013

Random ramblings:Rain,casual outfits,guilty pleasures...

Hello my sweethearts,Happy Friday :) Hope you are all well and its sunny in your part of the world. Its been raining like crazy here for days,its gray and gloomy,and I am so annoyed that I can'ttake some good pics and swatch the products I wanted to show you.But,till the weather changes here is a lil random post :)

Rain,rain and more rain...

My new BFFs :) My mum found these cute rain boots on sale and I just couldn't resist the animal print.

And the rest of my rainy day outfit.Leather like leggings by Stradivarius,jeans shirt by Guess,hair just pulled up in a messy bun.

Another casual outfit for a lazy day and walk with my boys:)

Meet Mr.Bunny,our pet for a day :) Grandpa brought him for a visit for my son to play and I can say it was such a fun afternoon <3<3

Thursday morning we woke up to find these on the kitchen table :) So yummy,my mum's friend made them for us,and they were gone so fast :D

And my guilty pleasure

I am so over the platinum blonde hair and I am trying to find new hair color,something fun and different,and when I saw this pic I was in love <3

Its still in the blonde family but a bit different,I know it's not everyone's cup of tea,but I think it would be a fun change :)I am just not sure how it would look on me :)

That is all for today,hope you all have an amazing weekend <3

Love and kisses:***

Monday, March 4, 2013

New in - Mini haul

Hello my sweethearts,after few rainy and cold days the sun is finally here,it was 17 degrees last two days and I am loving it :) So today I have a quick post just to show you a few things I got last week :)

1. Essence Multi action waterproof mascara
2. Avon eyeshadow primer
3. Avon long lasting lipsticks in 'Rose creme' and 'Cappuchino'
4. Taft heat protectant spray
5.Essence eye make up remover (for waterproof make up)

I have tried this mascara just once since I got it,seem ok,will have to test it some more to see how I really feel about it.

I tested 'Rose Creme' on Saturday night when I went out with hubby and my sister and I can say I am really impressed! I used it with a lip liner and it lasted the whole night,the drinks and a cupcake and at 3 am when I got home the lipstick was still there and looking great!Will buy more of these for sure:)

Avon eyeshadow primer-very light texture,holds the eyeshadow well in place,but I will test it out more.If you are interested in a review let me know:)

Essence eye make up remover - removed my waterproof mascara and eyeliner super fast and is pretty gentle on the skin.

Those were  few things I got last week,if you are interested in a more detailed review on anything you saw in this post just let me know:) Now I am going to take advantage of the warm and sunny day and go for a walk with my boys :)

Love and kisses:***