You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Should I ?

Tip dyed hair...I got bored with just a simple blonde,need a change.  Thought it would be fun to dye my hair tips in some crazy color :)

Do you like this trend,would you wear it ?

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New mascara I am in LOVE

Hello ladies,hope you had a great weekend :) Just a quick post to show you my new mascara that I am so in love.
Just a thing or two about my lashes: they are medium lenght,super streight,have to curl them all the time...
If I don't use a waterproof mascara after just a few minutes my lashes just go blah...:(

So this is just ONE coat of this baby,(after I curled my lashes). The curl remained almost the same the whole time,It didn't clump,smear or smudge.But one of the most important things is that this mascara didnt make my lashes stiff like many waterproof mascaras do.

Want to see which mascara it is?

It is KOST - Waterproof Mascara in 03 Black. For those of you who don't know KOST is italian brand,super affordable,mostly to be found in drugstores. The regular price of this mascara is less then 3 euros,but I got it on sale for just 1,50.Didn't expect much to be honest,but the first time I applied it,I fell in love.

Quite nice packaging,small oval shaped wand that will allow you to apply mascara easy and coat even shorter lashes.I think you can find it in brown and blue as well.
I am waiting for the brown one to arrive and I want to try their liquid eyeliner too:)

I really recomend you to try this mascara,it is a good quality product for super low price,so even if you end up not beeing so impressed with it, at least you didn't throw away a lot of money.

Have you tried anything by KOST? How did you like it?

That is all for today:)
PS: Non sponsored post

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue nails,blue shoes

Hello my lovelies,long time no see :) Today I want to show you my new "favorite" blue nail polish (at least for this week,who knows what I will be obsessing next) :)

I have quite a few blues,but I was looking for this shade for a while,and I found it few days ago! It is just soo pretty blue with a hint of purple. (I made a lil boo boo on my midle finger,so just ignore that ok :)
It is "Yes Love" a brand you can find in china stores and it cost me 95 cents,you just can't beat that! It is so opaque you could get away with only one coat,but it looks better with 2,applys easy and smooth,dries pretty fast.

Not only I am in love with blue nails,but I had to get the blue shoes too :)

Got these shoes a while a month ago from New Look,not the most comfortable heels I own,but they look so nice on:)

That is all for today,hope you like it:) Enjoy the weekend 

Love and kisses:***

Friday, July 6, 2012

Just fly away :)

Hello my friends :) The mani for today was inspired by my desire for vacation...lately I have been obsessing over that so naturaly it got translated on my nails as well :) My hubby has vacation just at the end of august so till then...I'll just continue to paint my nails I guess :D

The base blue is Cliche nail polish,the clouds just random nail art polish and the airplane stickers are from the chinesse store :)

My cuticles are so dry,so please just ignore that,ok? :)

The black airplane sticker is the only one that sticked to the nail right away and I didn't have any problem with,the others were a pain to apply :(

That's all for today,hope you liked it :)

Love and kisses:****

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Neon swag

Hello ladies,hope you had a great weekend :) Today I am going to show you my neon mani I did in the morning,but will most likely be replaced tomorow.

I fell in love when I saw this pretty bright neon orange polish (Marylins,didn't have a number on the bottle)  and was so excited to try it out,but...First its so sheer when you apply it on its own you would need 10 coats to make it opaque,and the color is not even close to the color in the bottle.

Then I painted my nails with two coats of opaque white polish and put this one on top,it looked so much better and the color finally looked true to the color in the bottle,but it was a pain to dry :(

This is how the color actualy looks,had to make it like this to catch the reall color

It looks so pretty once its all done,but I normaly don't have the patience for these kind of nail polish,so I am painting my nails again first thing in the morning :D

That's all for today,hope you like it :)

Love and kisses:***