You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Santa....

Hello everyone! It time for a Christmas wishlist :) and since I was very good this year I am writing a letter to Santa :) So here are some of the items that found their way to my wishlist (some of items are favorites that I already tried and love but could use a new one and some of the stuff I never used and would love to try)

( No,candy,lasagna,pizza are not a part of the wishlist, I am trying to stick to a diet :D )
One of my all time favorites

I would love to try Kim Kardashian pafume

                                                       Love the Sketchers sneakers and need a new Shape ups

Heard so many great reviews about Clarisonic



                                                 The best "fake" tan line ever,love it :*

Since I saw a video on Youtube with these babies I am obsessed about them and want to try them

                                                             Cute bags from Mango

So thats it for my Christmas wishlist (well,I could go on and on and.....but I decided its better to be modest).
What is on your wishlist this year? Have you already started shopping for presents?
Love and kisses :***

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sunday morning....felt so sleepy,I almost crawled to the kitchen to make a huge mug of coffee.I looked exactly like on the pic above :) Dont talk to me until I drink my coffee :)
Love and kisses :***

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Know your calories 2

 Hi everyone! Its time for another "Know your calories" post,and this one will be dedicated to meat. Personally I am not a big fan of meat,I mostly eat white meat like chicken breast or turkey stakes.

So lets start.NOTE: Number of calories for 100 grams of meat

Chicken (meat and skin,roasted) - 223 cal.
Chicken (light meat,meat only,roasted) - 153 cal.
Chicken (broilers or fryers,breast,meat only,stewed) - 151 cal.
Turkey (breast,meat and skin,roasted) - 208 cal.
Turkey (breast,meat only,roasted) - 170 cal.
Turkey (light meat,roasted) - 157 cal.
Turkey (dark meat,roasted) - 187 cal.

Beef (top sirloin,separable lean and fat,pan fried) - 313 cal.
Beef (chuck,clod steak,separable lean and fat,braised) - 272 cal.
Beef (ground,95% lean - 5%fat, crumbles,pan-browned) - 193 cal.
Beef (ground,95%lean - 5%fat,patty,pan-broiled) - 164 cal.
Beef (round,tip round,separable lean only,roasted) - 176 cal.

Pork (cured,bacon,broiled,pan-fried or roasted) - 541 cal.
Pork (fresh,leg\ham\,rumple half,separable lean and fat,roasted) - 252 cal.
Pork (fresh,loin,top loin\chops\,boneless,separable lean only,pan-fried) -225 cal.
Pork (fresh,loin,center loin,chops or roasts,bone in,separable lean and fat,raw) - 224 cal. (one chop)

Other meat
Rabbit (domesticated,composite of cuts,cooked,stewed) - 616 cal.   (one piece)
Lamb (ground,cooked,broiled) - 886 cal. (one unit cooked)
Veal (cubed for stew,leg and shoulder,separable lean only,cooked,braised) - 494 cal. (one unit cooked)

Thats it for now, I hope this will be useful for you,next "Know your calories" post will be dedicated to milk and cheese and also coffee (for all of you who have the caffeine addiction like me ;)
Love and kisses :***

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter makeup Must-Have: Lashes,Lashes

Whenever I think of makeup looks for winter, one of the first things that comes to mind are big,volumised,black curled lashes.The darker and thicker the better.In my opinion what works best for winter is flawless mat skin with neutral blushes and the statement eyes.With gorgeous lashes.
I just love love big sexy lashes,weather you wear a classic smokey eye (black,gray,brown) or just a touch of a neutral eyeshadow big dark lashes just give you that extra dose of glamour. My favorite tool is my eyelash curler and I use it every single day,then I put at least two coats of mascara.Here are some of my top mascaras that I love (most of them are drugstore brands that I think in most cases are way better then high end mascars)
L'oreal Voluminous - by far one of the best I tried

Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost 

Lancome Hypnose Drama
L'oreal Extra Volume Collagene

Now a little tip: If you want extra volume on your lashes but without clumps the eyebrow\eyelash comb is your best friend! After applying every coat of mascara wait a few seconds then brush your lashes and repeat with another coat of mascara.This way you will get the lenght and the volume you want but your lashes will be clump free,defined and separated.
Now lately I have been on the hunt for some false lashes but I don't want to spend a fortune on them since most of them are just for one use.So please if you know some affordable line of false lashes let me know :)

What is your favorite mascara ? Do you have any tips on applying it?
Love and Kisses :*****

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Know your calories 1

Hollydays are just around the corner so I get the idea to research a lil about hom much calories certain food has.I know its hard to resist all the delicious food during the holliday season ( for me its the sweets that I just cant say "No" to) So this series of "Know your calories" posts will be basicly the list of different food (vegetable,fruit,meat,milk and cheese,even alcohol and coffee) and the number of calories they contain. Please note that I am not saying or promoting that you should go to dinner with a calculator and obssesivly count the calories,I just think that we should know the facts,take them in consideration and be responsable and moderate when it comes to food we eat.
This post will be dedicated to fruits and vegetables,so lets start:

Apple (raw,with skin,100g = 1 small aplle) - 52 cal.
Apricot (raw,with skin,100g = 3 small apricots) - 48 cal.
Avocado (raw,no skin,100g) - 160 cal.
Blueberries (raw,one cup) - 81 cal.
Dates (one cup,pitted,chopped) - 490 cal.
Grapefruit ( one medium) - 82 cal.
Grapes (one cup,seedless,red or green) - 114 cal.
Kiwi (one medium,no skin) - 46 cal.
Lemon (one medium) - 17 cal.
Melon (Cantaloupe,one medium wedge) - 24 cal.
Nectarine (one medium) - 67 cal.
Oranges (one large) - 86 cal.
Peaches (one medium) - 42 cal.
Pear (one medium) - 98 cal.
Pineapple (one cup,diced) - 76 cal.
Plums (one medium) - 36 cal.
Raspberries (one cup) - 60 cal.
Strawberries (one cup,halves) - 46 cal.
Watermelon (one wedge) - 92 cal.

Beans,Kidney (boiled,1\2 cup) - 108 cal.
Brocolli (one cup,chopped) - 35 cal.
Cabagge (one cup,shredded) - 41 cal.
Carrots (one cup,chopped) - 52 cal.
Cauliflower (one cup,chopped) - 23 cal.
Celery ( one cup,chopped) - 14 cal.
Corn(kernels) (1\2 cup kernels) - 354 cal.
Cucumber (1\2 cup,slices,with skin) - 7 cal.
Lentils (1\2 cup,boiled) - 115 cal.
Lettuce ( one cup,shredded) - 8 cal.
Mushrooms (1\2 cup,pieces) - 20 cal.
Onion (1\2 cup,chopped) - 36 cal.
Peas (1\4 cup) - 36 cal.
Peppers(bell or sweet) (one cup,sliced) - 18 cal.
Potatoes (one potato,baked,with skin) - 255 cal.
Pumpkin (1\2 cup,mashed) - 23 cal.
Spinach (1\2 cup) - 20 cal.
Sweet potato (one potato,baked,with skin) - 180 cal.
Tomato (one tomato,raw) - 11 cal.

So that was the list of fruit and vegetables,and let me tell you there was a few surprises for me!First the dates (wich I love so so much) with 490 cal. for a cup,then potato and sweet potato wich I thought contain much less calories :( I hope this will be usefull for you, the next "Know your calories" post will be dedicated to meat.
Hope you all have a great Sunday :))
Love Mimi

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New stamp :)

A few days ago I got another stamp for my blog :)This time it was from Filipa from blog Sahasrara Petalas de Lotus and I was so happy to see the image of Taz,one of my favorite cartoon caracters ever!!
Just look how cute he is :)

Dear Filipa thank you so much :****
Now there are 3 questions to answer that come with the stamp:
1.Comment the blog of the creator of the stamp
2.Comment the blog of the person who pass you the stamp
3.Pass the stamp to 16 other blogs you love and say what 8 things leave you with the "water in the mouth"
Ok so here we go:
1.I visited Cati´s blog and loved it,its really nice,fun and I love all the make up looks she posts
2.The blog Sahasrara petalas de Lotus I visit very often and sweet Filipa has some fun and funky nail designs (that I promissed myself to try)
3.I deacided not pass the stamp to specific bloggers because I dont want to leave somebody out,and I dedicate it to all of you who come and visit my blog and leave your comments that mean a lot me :)
Now for the 8 : chocolate,chocolate and chocolate (I am almost addicted),Ice-cafe with extra cream and vanilla ice cream,the smell of just made french toast in the morning,sparkle in the eye of my amazing hubby,his hugs and kisses,sales in makeup stores,Burrbery boots,Chanel bags....I could go on for a while ;)

See you all soon with a new post, till then stay beautiful  :****

Love Mimi

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Dr.Scheller skincare line

Hi everyone!
Till few weeks ago I have never heard about the Dr.SCHELLER skincare line,but a friend recomended,she was happy with the Dr.Scheller cream that she was using and told me they have creams and products for all different skin types.I start looking for it,but I couldnt find it (I dont know if they sell it in Portugal) so my mom bought it for me in Montenegro and send it to me. I have very dry skin so she send me their Thistle oil and Chia seeds Intensive restorative cream.In the collection for dry skin they also have: Skin-Relaxing day cream and Regenerating Night cream (also with Thistle oil and Chia seeds).
I am using the cream for more then a week now and I must say I love it.It goes on so smooth,the skin absorves it quickly,it has a light,pleasant smell,and the best thing of all is that my skin feels so soft and moisturized. My skin is also pretty sensitive but this cream didnt cause me any breakouts or irritations.I looked up on line a little about the Dr.SCHELLER brand so here are some of the facts about their products:
**The products are 100 % silicone free
**100% paraben free
**100% mineral oil free
**100% without sintetic colorants
**They do NOT test on animals
**They use NanoSolves technology for maximum depth effect
**BDIH Certificate (Innovative Controlled Natural Cosmetics)

Exept the line for dry skin they also have:
*Jojoba and Shisandra line - For calming sensitive skin
*Blackcurant and Marula - For all skin types
*Argan Oil and Amaranth - For firming skin
*Pomegrante - For caring cleansing
*Witch Hazel extract and Macadamia oil - For full body relax
 *Calendula,Argan Oil and Buchtorn - For gentle hand care
The price was very wallet friendly - my mom payed around 10 euros for one cream :) So far its the best cream I tryed and I hope to try some more stuff from their line.I also hope I will find it in Portugal so I dont have to bother my mom to buy it and send it to me! (Mom you are the best - LoVe YoU :*)
What is your skin type and favourite skincare line?
Stay happy :))
Love Mimi

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nails of the week: In love with purple

This week I am in love with purple nail polish.A few days ago I stop by a chinese store and find a beautiful purple polish by Yolizul Fashion (the same brand as in my previous nail polish post).It is in color 784, and it is dark purple with a tiny sparkle,really pretty and very trendy for this season.

I put on 3 coats because I wanted more intense color,but 2 coats are just fine as well. I really need to get as much colors by this brand because the they are super cheap and for the price they are pretty good quality (it stays on 3-4 days,and I don´t use any base or top coat).

I would love to find a good purple(ish) lipstick just to try it out and get out of the nude lip routine,so if you know any brand that has purple shades let me know :)
Hope you all have a great day :)
Love and kisses:*****

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I miss Montenegro,I miss my home :(

New stamp :)

I got a new stamp for my blog!!Sweetheart Pampas (from  O Blog da Pampas) sent me another super adorable stamp for my blog!Thank you so much Pampas,you are a doll and you made my day:)

I am leaving this stamp for all you lovely ladies who come and visit my blog :)Hope you all have an amazing day!
Love and kisses

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goodbye frizz,hello perfectly blowdryed hair that lasts!

If your hair is long and tends to get frizzy especially in the humid weather,you spend so much time in blowdrying it and investing in anti frizz creams or lotions then this post is for you! First a lil something about my hair: It is super,extra dry (its always been like that,my mom also has dry hair).Second it tends to get so frizzy that it drives me insane,even after I get it professionaly blowdryed or straighten.
Since the economy is the way it is and I dont work I strted taking care of my hair myself and I am always lookin for something to revitalize it and nurish and something that will make the blowdrying easier and faster.Well I can proudly say that two weeks ago I found my Holy Grail of hair products and I want to share it with you!I went to a little store that sells hair suplies (but mostly for African hair) looking for a gloss finish.The lady was nice to show me a few different brands and gloss sprays so I just randomly picked one called Organics Olive Oil Shine (Extra Virgin).Its a hair polish.The lady told me just to spray it on the dry hair to give some shine.
I got home and the first things I loved about this hair polish was the smell,its amazing,like a parfume for you hair :)
Then I sprayed it on just like the lady said and it was ok,but I was not in love with it yet. Then I read the instructions on the back and it said it can be used on wet hair befor using a dryer.You shoud spray lightly trough all the hair while wet and concentrate on the ends.So I did.Then I started blowdrying the hair as usual and from the begining I was amazed.The brush went trough the hair so smoothly,no tangeling,wich made the all proces so much easier and faster.The hair looked great,it looked shiny,healthy,straight like I just got out of salon.And it smelled so good :) But my love for this product didnt stop to grow there: The next day my hair looked the same and NO sign of frizz AT ALL!!!I couldnt belive it.The day after still no frizz - just shiny gorgeous looking hair.I was so impressed that I had to go buy more 2 bottles just in case.The price is a huge plus too,it cost just 4 euros and 50 cents :)))
Hope you find this helpful,I will come back soon with a new "hair post" :)
What is you favourite hair product that gives you the best results?

Love Mimi