You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Holiday mode:))

This last week I got a bad case of Christmas fever :) I am all about hot chocolate,Christmas songs and buying new decorations for our tree:) We made it our family tradition to decorate the tree on December 1 st. so I can't wait.We are taking our son to see Santa and take the pics. This is the best time of the year:)

I know I shouldn't but...who can resist a hot chocolate? :)

Panettone - my favorite cake of all times:) This year I am going to try to make it myself!

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Have you decorated your tree yet?

Love and kisses:***

Friday, November 25, 2011

I need one of these :)

Since I  love love love Minnie Mouse,my favorite Disney girl of all times, I decided I need one of these cute coffee mugs:)

Aren't they cute? A cute coffee mug can make your mornings more fun and make you smile:) These ones are so me :)

What id your favorite Disney caracter?

Love and kisses:***

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nails of the Day: Just Smile :)

Hello ladies:) Just a quick NOTD post today.With the crazy gloomy weather and rain for the last few days I thought to cheer myself with a bright fun mani.So I went for some cute and simple smiley design.Take a look:

As always,very simple and easy to do: Just a yellow nail polish,black and white nail art polish and a dotting tool to draw the eyes (or you can use a toothpick,or the tip of a bobby pin,or even the tip of a pen)

I know the yellow nail polish doesn't favor my skin tone since I am really really pale,but the idea of cute little smileys won over :)
That's all for today,hope you liked it and that you will try it out :)

Just smile & Be Happy

Love and kisses:***

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rocking Fishtale braids:)

Lately I just wear my hair like this :) Its fast and easy to do and I think it looks cooler then the regular braid:) This one is a lil messy because of the wind,but still love it:) Great if you are lazy to blowdry/streighten/curl your hair,super cute if you decide to wear a hat as well:)

Do you like fishtale braids?

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nails of the Day: Speach bubbles

Hello ladies,hope you are having a great day and enjoying your Sunday :) After so many days that my nails were a mess I decided to do a super fun and easy nail art - speach bubbles :) So take a look:

First start of with a base color of your choice, I used a teal color polish so the white would stand out,but I think any shade of blue would be good as well. Then take a white nail art polish with a thin brush and draw the shape of speach bubbles.You can do them all the same or draw different shape bubble on each nail.

Wait till the white is 100% dry and take the black nail art polish and start to write the word inside the bubble. I wrote short ones like: LOL, Hi,Yes,No,Hmmm, Who, and some exclamation (!) and question marks (?). I found those most easy to write on such a small surface but feel free to experiment and write what ever you want:)

(I know how bad the quality of the pics is,but it can give you the idea of how it looks.And now I can tell that probably from New Year (if not sooner) you will be able to see good quality pics since I am finally getting a camera I wanted :)

Now I don't like to take credit for something that is not my original idea,so this nail art was inspired by nail art of amazing Robin Moses who really does magic when it comes to nail art.Here is a link so you can check out her fantastic work Robin Moses Nail art

Hope you liked it and that you will try it out

Love and kisses:***

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I placed my order :)

Hello my friends:)Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your weekend. For the past week I was really sick,I had a bad cold,followed with a stuffy nose and constant cough,and I just wasn't in the mood to write,or paint my nails,or pretty much do anything. But I feel much better now,and I want to share with you my last purchase. I already talked how I was trying to grow my nails and that I was thinking of buying gel nail kit.I spend some time looking at online stores,ebay and so on and I placed my order on my very own gel nail kit,so I can do my nails at home.

(I haven't ordered this particular kit shown on the pic,its just to give you the idea)

For years I had my nails done in my best friend's salon and she used to do such a great job,I loved my nails. But since I moved from my country four years ago I didn't get my nails done in a salon,I was painting them and doing the manicure by myself. But now I miss my gel nails and I really don't want to spend a fortune to get them done in a salon so I decided to by the supplies and practice :) I pretty much remember well the technique,so I am confident I can do my nails just fine (well,we shall see that). I ordered the UV lamp,nail tips,glue and some other things and I think it should arrive in 10-15 days.

If you are interested to see how I do my gel nails let me know and I will try to make a step by step photo tutorial for you:)

Would you get your nail kit and do your nails yourself or you prefer to get them done by a professional?

Love and kisses:***

Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest obsession - Stiletto nails

Hello ladies,hope you are all doing good :) Today I want to talk about my latest obsession - Stilleto nails:) But before that I have to complain a lil about my own nails, that became so fragile and weak in the last two weeks that I just don't know why?!! They are peeling and just when they grow to the certain point they break:( I always had pretty strong nails that grow fast and I never had a problem with them.Could it be cause of the way I file my nails (I always wear them square,but now I try make it more oval kind of shape)? Anyway,if you know a good nail strenghtner or some nail base that could help,please let me know:)

Now to what post is really about.For a while now I am loving Stiletto nails,I love the shape,I love how they make the hand and fingers look,I love to see all those amazing designs.Now I don't think about stiletto nails like these :

Although I find the nail art very nice I find the lenght and the shape a lil bit on the extreme side,and as I am a wife and a mom and have plenty of work to do around the house,these just are a no - go :)
 But I love the idea of something like this:

I think when they are done nicely,and not extra long these kind of stiletto nails can look really good.
Now I have been trying to shape my nails and let them grow so I can get something like stiletto nails but my nails just started to brake and peel and what not :( So I was thinking to buy the stiletto nail tips like these

and do my own nails.Still,I would need to get some more stuff
 but I think I could do it.After all after years and years of getting my nails done in my friends salon I learn so much so I think I could try to put it practice :D
What do you think,should I ?

How do you like stiletto nails,would you wear them? Do you always have the same nail shape or you like to switch it up from time to time?

Love and kisses :***

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Help me out - I need a new hairspray!

First,I am not a big fan of hairspray (or any other styling products like gel,moose,wax..) and I try not to use it very often,but sometimes you just need that extra help to get the style you want. For a quite some time now I am using L'oreal "Elnet",and it does its job and holds the hair without making it to sticky,it's easy to brush out and so on...But a huge downside (at least for me) is the smell!!

It is such a strong, intense "old lady" kind of smell,that every time I use it I have to hold my breath,spray and run away from the bathroom as fast as I can :( Well,at least my hubby and my son find that amusing :)
Maybe I am just to picky and weird when it comes to scents and smells but I came to the point that really bothers me a lot.

Now I need your help to recommend me a good hairspray,that holds the hair in place (or holds the curls),doesn't make the "helmet" effect,but most important that smells nice.Or at least that the scent isn't that intense.

There are sooo many brands that I just don't know which one to choose! So if you know a good one that you tried and like please leave a comment and let me know:)

Do you you use styling products for your hair and how often? What are your go to products?

Love and kisses:***

Bad hair day = Good hat day :)

Hello ladies:) Once in a while we all have bad hair day,maybe we were lazy to wash the hair in the morning,or there are some roots that need coloring...well I like to turn my bad hair day in to a good hat day:)

In love with my big floppy hat :) Its so 70's,so perfect for fall.

I usually pair it with big sunglasses,a leather jacket (like today) or a fur vest. I also wore it today with a flower kind of vintage print dress,but since I took the pics myself I couldn't really make it to show the all outfit:)

Do you like hats? Will you wear them this fall?

Love and kisses:***

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Running errands with my lil man :)

Hello ladies:)Hope your week started great and that you had a lot of fun for Halloween :) No polish or beauty related post today.Today I had lot of things to do but there is always a lil time to pose for pics:)

My lil man and me wearing matching leather jackets and striking a pose while daddy takes a pic :)

Ps. Don't mind the messy hair I was lazy to wash and style it :p

Love and kisses:***