You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Dr.Scheller skincare line

Hi everyone!
Till few weeks ago I have never heard about the Dr.SCHELLER skincare line,but a friend recomended,she was happy with the Dr.Scheller cream that she was using and told me they have creams and products for all different skin types.I start looking for it,but I couldnt find it (I dont know if they sell it in Portugal) so my mom bought it for me in Montenegro and send it to me. I have very dry skin so she send me their Thistle oil and Chia seeds Intensive restorative cream.In the collection for dry skin they also have: Skin-Relaxing day cream and Regenerating Night cream (also with Thistle oil and Chia seeds).
I am using the cream for more then a week now and I must say I love it.It goes on so smooth,the skin absorves it quickly,it has a light,pleasant smell,and the best thing of all is that my skin feels so soft and moisturized. My skin is also pretty sensitive but this cream didnt cause me any breakouts or irritations.I looked up on line a little about the Dr.SCHELLER brand so here are some of the facts about their products:
**The products are 100 % silicone free
**100% paraben free
**100% mineral oil free
**100% without sintetic colorants
**They do NOT test on animals
**They use NanoSolves technology for maximum depth effect
**BDIH Certificate (Innovative Controlled Natural Cosmetics)

Exept the line for dry skin they also have:
*Jojoba and Shisandra line - For calming sensitive skin
*Blackcurant and Marula - For all skin types
*Argan Oil and Amaranth - For firming skin
*Pomegrante - For caring cleansing
*Witch Hazel extract and Macadamia oil - For full body relax
 *Calendula,Argan Oil and Buchtorn - For gentle hand care
The price was very wallet friendly - my mom payed around 10 euros for one cream :) So far its the best cream I tryed and I hope to try some more stuff from their line.I also hope I will find it in Portugal so I dont have to bother my mom to buy it and send it to me! (Mom you are the best - LoVe YoU :*)
What is your skin type and favourite skincare line?
Stay happy :))
Love Mimi


  1. Maybe I'll try! Christmas wishlist =P

  2. It really works for me,and I want to try more from their line :)Its on my wishlist as well :)

  3. hello my dear!
    how are you?
    i leave in my blog onde stamp for you.

    happy kiss

  4. oo thx for sharing the review. I am still searching on what moisture I want to get.. =)

  5. hello again :)
    i leave in my blog a answer for you. :)


  6. Realmente, parecem-me uns bons cremes. E tem uma vasta gama de produtos, o que é sempre bom.:)
    Mas, pela inacessibilidade, eu continuo com os da Avon..:s
    Beijinho *

  7. @Mama Lu:Yes they are good,I just hope they will start to sell them here in Portugal:)