You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love it or leave it: Caviar manicure ?

Hello my lovelies:) Such a gloomy,rain day here today so I decided to distract myself from the crapy weather and write a new post. Reading one of my favorite fashion portals I saw an interesting article about new manicure trend for Fall.I know,we just jump into Spring,waiting for Summer breeze,but its always nice to be prepared :)

The mani trend is called "Caviar Manicure" and it was spotted first at Cushnie et Ochs fashion show at New York and was created by Patricia Yankee.The focus of caviar manicure are black micro pearls(beads) on a black base.

The cosmetic brand Ciate decided to follow the trend and they created Caviar Manicure kit witch will be available to buy soon on their on line store. You can check them out here.They have some gorgeous nail polish colors,and the bottle is so cute and girly:)

Here is another,more colorful version of caviar manicure

To be honest,I like the idea and I prefer the black version,I think it looks cool,original and edgy and would be a hit for the night out for example.Now on the other hand,I don't think I would have the patience to put all those micro beads even on just one nail let alone on all of them:(

Now let me know what you think.Do you like caviar manicure,would you wear it?

(Source and pics Non sponsored post)

Love and kisses:***

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday nails: Pink Vs. Orange

Hello ladies,happy Friday:) Since weekend is here,and weekends are always fun, I wanted a bright fun manicure. Very simple with some of my favorite colors: pink and orange:)  So take a look

Orange polish is "Goden Rose" and the pink one is by "Dermaclesia",very old one I bought few years ago,before my polish addiction started :D White is just a simple (no brand) nail art polish.

I liked this color combo a lot so I am keeping it for the weekend,then Monday I already have something else planned:)

That's all for today.hope you liked it:) Enjoy the weekend:)

Love and Kisses :***

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Step by step easy cat nail art

Hello ladies,hope you are having a good day:) Today I wanted to make a step by step kinda post with how to make a cat nail art.I love to see these kind of post on other blogs and I find them very useful for beginners.I am waiting for the store near me to get acrilic paints so this step by step is done with just simple nail art polish.Very easy and simple and I hope you will like it.

Lets start
Paint your nails with a color of your choice.

Take a black nail art polish (or acrilic paint) and draw the body.I drew a tear drop shape and then add the tail

Draw the head,make it slightly oval,but you can make it round as well doesnt really matter

Draw two small triangles on the sides of the head as ears and make two lines on each side for whiskers:)
Now take the white and draw the belly

Use the same white to draw the big eyes and tiny nose

Add two small black dots for the eyes and your kitty is finished:)

If you like you can add some more details to your design,and finish with a top coat:)

I am planing to do more of these simple step by step nail arts,just waiting for my acrilc paints,next will be butterfly and sunset with palm trees.

Hope you like it and that you will try it out;*

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wavy hair kinda day :)

Hello ladies,hope you are enjoying your Sunday:) A while ago I find a heatless curls tutorial on YouTube by Andrea's Choice and since I am not a fan of using curling/streightning irons on my hair very often I decided to try it out:) Take a look at the video to see how its done

It is a bit of a longer process but its perfect for the nights you don't plan to go out,since you can just wrap a scarf or something,and just. I put a hair moose on just before I started to twist my hair.Here is how it turned out:

I liked the result and and I think its a nice look especially now that spring is here and would look good with some nice long dresses and romantic skirts:)

That's all for today,hope you like it and that you will try it out:)

Love and kisses:***

Friday, March 16, 2012

Nails of the day: Red lady

Hello lovelies,happy Friday :) I am in the middle of big spring cleaning but I find to squeeze a lil time to paint my nails:) I used one of the new nail polishes I showed you in my last post - "Golden Rose" number 77(I hate how they don't have names just numbers). Now let me see if I can describe the color - metallic red with a hint of silver :) It was cloudy and there was no sun at all today,so I went around the house trying to find the best light to take some pics.

This pic is the closest to the actual color,but once you paint your nails the silver is not that noticeable
The polish go on smooth and easy,no fuss with the brush and dries pretty fast.With this one you could get away even with just one coat,but I wanted the color to be more intense so I used two coats,no top coat.

Please don't pay attention to my dry cuticles and 3 weeks nails that need maintenance and gel replacement:)My cuticles are kinda out of control lately:(

That's all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nail polish haul,testing new camera

Hello ladies,hope you are all well :) I have a nail polish haul for you today.Yesterday I got a package from my mom who send me some new nail polish and a new camera (finally you will be able to see nice pics here :) among other goodies:) I am a grown 30 year old woman with a family of my own,but my mom still spoils me like a little girl :) All polishes are by a Turkish brand "Golden Rose" except 2 are by a brand called Don Juan (?). I always liked "Golden Rose" but they don't sell it in here,and in Montenegro you can buy it everywhere.My mom payed from 0,80 to 1 euro for bottle depending on the store. I am still testing the camera and learning how to use it,so bare with me :)

"Golden Rose" holographic - I love these,but the bottle is so tiny 

"Golden Rose" nail art polish - these are pretty pigmented and have a very thin brush.I am looking forward to try them out and make some nice nail art:)
One more "Golden Rose" polish,and this one is a crackle,pretty deep blue color that you will see very soon on my nails:)
Its 25 degrees outside today so we are going for a walk but I just wanted to take a few  pics,test the camera and show you my new babies:) 

Love and kisses:***

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nails of the day: Black and blue

Hello ladies,happy Friday :) Today I am going to show you my freshly painted claws :D The other day I was searching for inspiration on nail art and manicure on line and I find this pic

I fell in love with the black and blue color combo,I just knew I had to try it out.I know its not in all pastel/neon trendy spring colors but couldn't resist this pretty mani. So take a look and see how it turned out:

I wanted to buy acrilic color and do the sponge technique but I didn't find the right shade so I had to make it work with polish. Black as a base color all over the nail,then I used white nail art polish and made the irregular/messy french line. (If I didn't use white first blue nail polish would't show at all over black).I put 2 coats of blue nail polish,first one to cover the white and second one just on the tips to darken them for the gradient effect.When it was dry (and it took a while) top coat. I have to say that the blue is much brighter and pops out more then it does on the pics:)

On the last pic you can even see how jacked up my lap top is :D but after so many falls,coffee/juice spilled and my son's torture its still working :)

Anyway,I really love this mani and how it turned out,maybe I will keep it for a while,or at least until I find other inspiration:)

That's all for today,hope you like it and that you will try it out:)Enjoy your weekend

Love and kisses:***

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog awards (part 1)

Morning all,I just wake up and made my first coffee for the day so I thought its a good time to write a post about the blog awards I got:)

Both awards were given to me by a dear friend Maria who does some pretty amazing nail art designs so be sure to go and visit her blog,I know you will like it :)
The first award is

(The person who originally created this award wrote "This is for the bloggers who I want to show love to")

Rules:   - Leave the link to the person who gave you the award
            -Blog about the award
            -Give the award to 5 bloggers and let them know

The second award is

-Put the link of the person who gave you the award
-Put the award in your post
-Choose 5 blogs under 200 followers and pass them the award
-Let them now about the award

There are so many lovely blogs I really enjoy reading and it is always hard for me to choose just 5,but here we go (I give to these 5 bloggers both awards)

That is all for now,later today I will post more awards (need some house cleaning to do and lunch to make :D  first )

Love and kisses:***

Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to blogging :)

Hello dear friends,long time no see :) Sorry for not posting lately but my computer was under virus attack so I had to wait for my hubby to find the time and fix it,and finally he did:) I missed posting in here so much,but I am back now,and I promise a lot of new posts. For those who asked and were interested where I was and if everything was ok,a big Thank You a kiss and a hug :** Since I couldn't post in here I got addicted to Twitter so if you are interested you can follow me there as well just click here and I will be glad to follow you back :)

Now, I have some blog awards from some lovely ladies that I didn't post before so those will be posted first,and then back to nail art posts and my beauty/fashion ramblings :) I am expecting a package with lots of new nail polishes and I can't wait for them to arrive so I can share it with you. If there is anything that you would like to see and read about here (raeviews,outfit of the day posts,make up looks...) let me know and I will be more then glad to grant your wish :)

Till tomorrow
Love and kisses :***