You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Friday, May 20, 2011

Love it or Leave it - Real snake skin manicure?

Here is another crazy trend - Real snake skin manicure (and pedicure). Estetician Terri Sillaci uses old snake skin to do manicure and pedicure in her salon. The whole process takes around two hours and the snake skin is streched and cut to perfectly fit the shape of your nails.It is then glued and UV lamp treated. The manicure can last up to 4 weeks and pedicure even 6.It costs from 150 - 300 US dollars.

To be honest I would never give that much money for a manicure, second having a real snake skin glued to my nails grosses me out a lil bit.So I will say I would pass on this one.Now just a simple old nail stickers - that is a Yes :)

Would you try tis mani/pedi? What do you think about it?

Love and kisses:**

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh so Posh :)

Maybe you don't like her "voice" and think she can't sing, or you don't like her fake tan and fake boobs...or she is too skinny for your taste...but you got to admit Victoria Bechkam knows how to dress!!Damn...that woman always look picture ready,even when she is at the airport or just taking her kids to school! (Of course she also made a few fashion mistakes over the years but nobody's perfect)
Victoria wears the clothes with confidence,with the attitude (I look so amazing and I know it :) and that is what I like about her.And she knows how to strike a pose :)

And that's how you pose for pictures! You should saw me practice this the other day,I almost fall on my back :D

A simple classic fitted dress paired with high heels never goes out of style and always look polished and put together!

She brought back the "bob" or how some call it "pob" hairstyle,her designer bags are sold out almost everywhere,line of dresses,sunglasses,fragrances...she knows business.
Oh,and one more thing...

She wore crazy shoes way before Gaga:)))

That was my fashion inspiration for today. Who inspires you?

Love and kisses:***