You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NOTD: Angry Birds madness :))

Hello ladies:) Its about time I do Nails of the day post:) Today as my son's wish Angry Birds:) We all play and love them,so here they are:

All painted with nail polish. Now the original idea for this design is not mine,I used the nail art pics of the amazing Rina. She has great nail art designs and ideas so go an check her out:)

That is all for today,I hope you like it and that you will give it a try:)

Love and kisses:***

Friday, January 20, 2012

Keep it Bright

Happy Friday ladies:) The calendar says its still winter,but the weather is pretty sunny and nice in here so it made me think of spring,colors, new things to try, trends. For so long I wore neutrals like beige,black and bright,bold colors were something I enjoy seeing on other ppl. Well,not anymore - This Spring I am going color crazy :D

From blouses and scarfs to belts,handbags and jewlery you can find it all,just pick your color. I like the idea of bright sunny yellow or electric blue and neon pink :)

Now,since I am still not used to wearing all that color and look like a rainbow :D baby steps firsts. I am on the lookout for some fun and bright accessories :)

Do you like this color trend? Will you rock it this spring?

Love and kisses:***

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring colors...get your dupes on time

April, May and June by Chanel. Nice colors there is no doubt,but are there original enough to make you want to spend 20 something dollars (or euros) ? I say I am on the lookout for good dupes that will not make my wallet cry :) So if you already know some other brand nail polish that would be dupe for these babies please let me know:)

What are your spring go to colors when it comes to nail polish? Will you buy these by Chanel?

Love and kisses:***

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super Tip: Clean Your makeup brushes in 60seconds!

Hello ladies:)Hope you are all doing well :)Sorry for the lack of posts but I had a lil accident.The other day I had what I called a "drawrer accident" and I slamed my finger so hard not only my fake gel nail broke but my natural nail as well :( My finger is blue and swallen and it hurts so bad:(So I had to take off my gel nails (don't make me start on how sad I was because of that:( and till my nail and finger recover a lil I will not make any Nails Of the day posts.Hope maybe in a week or so I will be able to do my nails again.

Now on to the subject of todays post.If you love make up and use brushes daily you know how important is to keep them clean. I normaly wash mine about once a week using water and baby shampoo and that work fine.The only thing is that the brushes take a long time to dry.

Today I randomly browes beauty videos on YouTube and find this one by gossmakeupartist.I love his videos and find them very helpfull. So just take a look:

The second the video ended I run to my bedroom and took my brushes to try this.It works so good and fast.The only thing is that I didn't use the 90% alcohol but the 70% .My brushes got all clean in just a few minutes in they were dry sooo fast.I love this,and I will continue to wash my brushes like this from now on:)

How do you wash your makeup brushes?Do you buy brush cleansers,and if you do what brand?

Love and kisses:***

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog awards time (part 1)

Hello ladies:) it's been a while sine I did a blog award post/tag. A few days ago my dear friend  Maria from Marias Nail Polish Blog passed me this Kreativ Blogger award and I am glad to do the tag that goes with it. (Be sure to check out her blog,she does amazing nail art,you will love it)

Here are the rules:
Link back to the persoon who gave you this award
Complete the form below
Award 10 other bloggers and let them know
Share random thoughts about yourself

Ok,so here we go :)))

1. Name your favorite song
** Oh its hard to choose,but let's say the favorite of the moment is "Born Free" by Kid Rock
2. Name you favorite dessert
** Not to picky when it comes to dessert - anything with chocolate (huuuggee sweet tooth) :D
3. What tickes me off
** Rude,unpolite ppl
4. When I am upset I...
** Depends a lot about what I am upset about,but a lot of times I just put my headphones on, put the music and sing out loud and dance (yes I can dance,but unlike my brother don't have a singing talent what so ever)
5. What is your favorite pet:
**As a kid I had a lot of different pets: parrot, turtle,hamsters,cats,dogs,a rabbit...but dogs are so close to my heart <3
6. Black or white
** Black - always
7.Biggest fear:
** Illness...
8.Everyday attitude
** 90% of the time very optimistic,positive and bubbly :)
9.What is perfection
**When I open my eyes in the morning and the first thing I see is my 3 year old son who just jumps on the bed and give me a huge hug and lots of kisses
(and so many more things but I would be writting till tomorow)
10.Guilty pleasure
**Sneaking to the kitchen in the middle of the night to eat a cup of pudding or a peace of cake

7 Facts about me:
** Although I am a total girly girl I don't like "chick flicks" like romantic comedies or love stories and so on. I don't watch "Gossip girl" or "Pretty little liers".
**I love playing games on my computer,at the moment I love "Angry Birds"
**I dream every single night and I always remember my dreams
**I don't like to drink all...I could as well say that I hate it...and because I am so stubborn a few times I ended in the ER with kidney problems so now I am stuck with medication and tea for kidney stone :(
**Crazy about all things hair,make up,nails and always dreamed one day I will have my own salon:)
** When I got married I didn't know how to boil a egg,my lovely hubby teach me how to cook,now 4 and a half years after I even bake cookies and cakes,I improved a lot :D
**I love cars and bikes,and I enjoy driving. I made my dad to teach me how to drive when I was 14,I was insisting so much that he just had to give in :)

Now I should pass the award to 10 bloggers,but I just can't choose cause i really enjoy so many so I tag all of you lovely ladies who follow my blog and I am passing the award to you:)I would love to read your answers and facts about you and to get to know you better :)

Now Maria from Marias Nail Polish Blog passed me this "glitter badge" to honor blogger who love all things sparkly :)

Rules:Thank the person who gave you the badge
         Share a glitter pic
         Pass it on

Thank you so much my dear,I love it :)
Here is one of the most recent pics

I pass this one to a fellow nail polish addict who knows good glitter - Zana from Nail crazy

Thats all for today,well tonight since its almost midnight and I am getting sleepy :)

Love and kisses:***

Friday, January 6, 2012

NOTD: I like polka dots and pretty bows

Hello lovelies,just a super quick post to show you my mani I did last night:) As always very simple and cute,easy to do.

White polish as a base and black for polka dots. Red nail art polish for the bow and white for the details on the bow.Finish with a top coat for more shine:)

Hope you like it and that you will try it out:)

Love and kisses:***

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am a Million dollar lady :)))

Lol :D I wish,but in the meanwhile I can at least smell like one :)

This was a New Year's gift from my hubby - Lady Million by Paco Rabanne and I am in love with it :) I usually stick to my favorite Dior perfumes ( Hypnotic Poison and Pure  Poison) and Lancome Hypnose (do you notice a pattern here? :) but I like to try something new from time to time,and Lady Million was on my wishlist since it came out.
I am not good at describing a scent just know that it was love at first sniff , and it has a good chance to sneak in my favorites list:)

Have you try some new perfume lately?What are your favorite ones?

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year :)))

Dear friends,I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year - full of love and joy,new dreams and hopes :) Let's make this year amazing and unforgetable:) May all your wishes come true!
Love you all <3

Love and kisses:***