You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pampering time,current favorites

There is nothing like pampering yourself after a hectic day,it is my special "me time" that I enjoy so much.I love to try face masks and body lotions,butters,creams,basicly anything that will make my super dry skin feel soft and moisturised so I wanted to share with you few of my current favorites :)

I love sweet scents and my favorite shower gel of the moment is Subrina Delicious Cookie.It smells amazing,just like caramel and vanilla cookies,it is very gentle for the skin,it is super creamy and leaves the skin soft and smooth:) I usualy like to switch up and change my sower gel but I just love this one so much,it's my third bottle :)

FENNEL Body Yogurt Strawberry Ice Cream - I descovered this product back in November and I am in love ever since:) It has such a light cositency,melts on the skin when applied,it is absorbed super quickly.Doesn't leave your skin sticky but moisturise great and the scent last pretty long.

AVON's Planet Spa - Turkish thermal baths rhassoul clay face mask.I love the face masks from Avon's Planet Spa line,I have been using them for years and this is the latest one I bought to try.

When first applied it looks like on the pic above,a brown(ish) muddy thick cream,that will dry out in a few minutes.It smells great,and after you wash it off it will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed,and very soft. I use it about two times a week.I feel it works the best on days I had a full make up on for hours,it just helps to clean the skin better.

Those are my current favorite pampering products,if you have any recomendations let me know:)
Have you tried any of these products?

Love and kisses:***

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Sunday and a lil Update :)

Hello my lovelies,long time no see :) Sorry for not posting lately,but like many of you know we moved from Portugal to Montenegro,to my home town and I was pretty bussy with organising and everything.Plus internet is giving me hard times,but that will be fixed soon. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend and enjoying your Sunday:) Lots of new posts commin soon!
Till then here are some pics I took while we traveled  and during first few days:)

We Love to fly :D

Smoking brake at Rome :)

Fun day with my lil man <3

Happy :)

Photo time with my sis <3

Somebody was not in the mood to take pics :D

Love and Kisses:***

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Neon gone wild

Hello my lovelies,hope you are all well:) Since Valentine's Day is almost here I wanted to do a fun mani using my favorite color pink.I didn't wan't to make hearts,even I think its a super cute design for this occasion,so I did animal print insted:)

Here is how it turned out

It is the first time I did leopard print,and I am really happy how it looks.The neon pink polish is by ''Yes Love'',I showed it my last haul.
I think it is a  fun and girly manicure,I will be wearing it for Valentine's and I find the time I will recreate it on my toes as well.

That is all I ave time for today,hope you like it :)

What are you wearing for Valentine's day?

Love and kisses:***

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flowers for my darling

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are having an amazing weekend :) Like I said I am super busy these days,but I found some time to rela and do some nail art to show you.I don't do flowers often,in fact I think I did just once for a nail challenge last year and it was super basic.So I decided to try again...
This is how it turned out

(PS.My cuticles are crazy dry from all the cleaning I've been doing these days,so please just ignore it :p)

White base polish,the leaves I miexed some old green polish and  Cliche ''Jade'' flowers are Yes Love neon pink you saw in my previous post .

Can you see I am ready for Spring :))

Hope you like it:)

Love and kisses:***

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mini polish haul

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are all doing well and having a great day:) I have a mini polish haul for you today :) I planed to do a few nail arts but,if you follow me on Twitter you already know;I will be moving by the end of next week and with all the organizing and packing I am not sure if I will have the time.
Anyway,I will show you four new babies I got last week :)

Two gorgeous neons by ''Yes Love'' - pink one is in number 44 and the orange is Y69. These were just screaming ''Summer time'' so I had to get them :) They are even brighter in real life and I already have a manicure planed with the pink one:)

And now something blue :) ''Andreia'' in number 36 is a pretty clear base with blue and green glitters perfect as a top coat to give a little sparkle. Other lovely blue is by CLICHE and its called ''Persa'' (Persian) from their I Love Cats collection.

It is still winter but I am starting to prepare for Spring and Summer so I feel more atracted to fun bright colors:)

That is all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***

Monday, February 4, 2013

D.I.Y Lip Plumper??

Plump,full sexy lips - we all like beautiful lips,but some of us were not lucky enough to be born with them :(

I have thin lips and for a really long time I wanted to get the lip injections to make them fuller.But for the last few years I kinda gave up on the idea and turned to lip plumpers.But for most part I was disapointed since I haven't (yet) found one that would really work and give me the effect I want,most of them just left me the cooling sensation but without the real plumping effect. That made me mad because some of the lip plumpers were not cheap at all:(
Like I said,I gave up on the idea of going to the plastic surgeon and put silicone or whatever cause I am a bit affraid I might end up looking like this

Or this

Don't get me wrong,I am not against plastic surgery and if that is the look you might be going for then more power to you,all I am trying to say its not my cup of tea.

Then I started searching on line and find so many DIY lip plumpers and there are a lot of videos on YouTube as well so I decided I want to share the info and also I would like to know your opinion on the topic.Have you tried DIY lip plumpers,or any other,how you liked it and what works for you:)

Here is one very easy DIY video,and I decided I will try it out and see what happens,I just need to buy and ingredient or two.If you are interested I can do an update post and show you if it workes for me or not.

Let me know what you think :)

Love and kisses :***