You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New stamp :)

A few days ago I got another stamp for my blog :)This time it was from Filipa from blog Sahasrara Petalas de Lotus and I was so happy to see the image of Taz,one of my favorite cartoon caracters ever!!
Just look how cute he is :)

Dear Filipa thank you so much :****
Now there are 3 questions to answer that come with the stamp:
1.Comment the blog of the creator of the stamp
2.Comment the blog of the person who pass you the stamp
3.Pass the stamp to 16 other blogs you love and say what 8 things leave you with the "water in the mouth"
Ok so here we go:
1.I visited Cati´s blog and loved it,its really nice,fun and I love all the make up looks she posts
2.The blog Sahasrara petalas de Lotus I visit very often and sweet Filipa has some fun and funky nail designs (that I promissed myself to try)
3.I deacided not pass the stamp to specific bloggers because I dont want to leave somebody out,and I dedicate it to all of you who come and visit my blog and leave your comments that mean a lot me :)
Now for the 8 : chocolate,chocolate and chocolate (I am almost addicted),Ice-cafe with extra cream and vanilla ice cream,the smell of just made french toast in the morning,sparkle in the eye of my amazing hubby,his hugs and kisses,sales in makeup stores,Burrbery boots,Chanel bags....I could go on for a while ;)

See you all soon with a new post, till then stay beautiful  :****

Love Mimi


  1. Hummm.. Agora tb me deixaste com água na boa... Chocolate, gelado, e tudo o resto... bem bom!
    (mas, tenho que me deixar dessas coisas.. ai vida!:s)

    Beijinho *

  2. @Mama Lu: I have the bigest sweet tooth ever :D But I am trying to stay away from all those things,well at least most of the times ;)

  3. Thank you Mimi for words.
    I recently lost a dog that already had more than five years and cost much the same.
    was a piquenois lindissima.
    but death and a life cycle. yet.