You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nails of the Day: Speach bubbles

Hello ladies,hope you are having a great day and enjoying your Sunday :) After so many days that my nails were a mess I decided to do a super fun and easy nail art - speach bubbles :) So take a look:

First start of with a base color of your choice, I used a teal color polish so the white would stand out,but I think any shade of blue would be good as well. Then take a white nail art polish with a thin brush and draw the shape of speach bubbles.You can do them all the same or draw different shape bubble on each nail.

Wait till the white is 100% dry and take the black nail art polish and start to write the word inside the bubble. I wrote short ones like: LOL, Hi,Yes,No,Hmmm, Who, and some exclamation (!) and question marks (?). I found those most easy to write on such a small surface but feel free to experiment and write what ever you want:)

(I know how bad the quality of the pics is,but it can give you the idea of how it looks.And now I can tell that probably from New Year (if not sooner) you will be able to see good quality pics since I am finally getting a camera I wanted :)

Now I don't like to take credit for something that is not my original idea,so this nail art was inspired by nail art of amazing Robin Moses who really does magic when it comes to nail art.Here is a link so you can check out her fantastic work Robin Moses Nail art

Hope you liked it and that you will try it out

Love and kisses:***


  1. Hahaha, what a fun idea :) The color combination is great for this purpose :)

  2. @MariaM: Thank you dear,I am glad you like it.I think blue and white combo works the best for this nail art:)

  3. @Confessions of a Psyco Cat: Hvala draga,jedan zabavan nail art a nije mnogo komplikovan i samo tri boje trebaju:)

  4. totalno opičena ideja, super :-D
    predobra manikura :-D

  5. @Raqs: Thank you so much dear,you should give tis mani a go,its super easy and fun to do :)

    @Nail crazy: Hvala ti draga moja,meni se cim sam vidjela fotku dopala ideja morala sam odmah da probam :))