You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Help me out - I need a new hairspray!

First,I am not a big fan of hairspray (or any other styling products like gel,moose,wax..) and I try not to use it very often,but sometimes you just need that extra help to get the style you want. For a quite some time now I am using L'oreal "Elnet",and it does its job and holds the hair without making it to sticky,it's easy to brush out and so on...But a huge downside (at least for me) is the smell!!

It is such a strong, intense "old lady" kind of smell,that every time I use it I have to hold my breath,spray and run away from the bathroom as fast as I can :( Well,at least my hubby and my son find that amusing :)
Maybe I am just to picky and weird when it comes to scents and smells but I came to the point that really bothers me a lot.

Now I need your help to recommend me a good hairspray,that holds the hair in place (or holds the curls),doesn't make the "helmet" effect,but most important that smells nice.Or at least that the scent isn't that intense.

There are sooo many brands that I just don't know which one to choose! So if you know a good one that you tried and like please leave a comment and let me know:)

Do you you use styling products for your hair and how often? What are your go to products?

Love and kisses:***


  1. Pois, a da L'Oreal é boa, mas ñ gostas do cheiro... Já foste à Stilcoup? Podes optar pela laca da marca deles, o cheiro desaparece logo.

  2. ja koristim bas taj lorealov i obozavam ga!!!

  3. Ja se držim intesa laka za kosu već godinama i prezadovoljna sam :) To je ovaj

  4. @ Raqs: I haven't been to Stilcoup,but I will have to check it out.Thank you:*

    @Zorannah: Ma on je odlican,i drzi kosu,i ne lijepi je i iscetka se lako kasnije,ali ne mogu vise miris da izdrzim,bas mi je nekako prejak:(

    @Confessions of a Psyco Cat: Joj Intesa,pa skroz sam na njega zaboravila,nekada davno i ja sam ga korisila,mozda mu opet dam sansu ako ga ovdje nadjem:)

  5. Mimi i use this one

    I love it and it doesn't smell as bad as the one that you used.

    By the way, I love your photos and your son is so cute!!! :)