You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest obsession - Stiletto nails

Hello ladies,hope you are all doing good :) Today I want to talk about my latest obsession - Stilleto nails:) But before that I have to complain a lil about my own nails, that became so fragile and weak in the last two weeks that I just don't know why?!! They are peeling and just when they grow to the certain point they break:( I always had pretty strong nails that grow fast and I never had a problem with them.Could it be cause of the way I file my nails (I always wear them square,but now I try make it more oval kind of shape)? Anyway,if you know a good nail strenghtner or some nail base that could help,please let me know:)

Now to what post is really about.For a while now I am loving Stiletto nails,I love the shape,I love how they make the hand and fingers look,I love to see all those amazing designs.Now I don't think about stiletto nails like these :

Although I find the nail art very nice I find the lenght and the shape a lil bit on the extreme side,and as I am a wife and a mom and have plenty of work to do around the house,these just are a no - go :)
 But I love the idea of something like this:

I think when they are done nicely,and not extra long these kind of stiletto nails can look really good.
Now I have been trying to shape my nails and let them grow so I can get something like stiletto nails but my nails just started to brake and peel and what not :( So I was thinking to buy the stiletto nail tips like these

and do my own nails.Still,I would need to get some more stuff
 but I think I could do it.After all after years and years of getting my nails done in my friends salon I learn so much so I think I could try to put it practice :D
What do you think,should I ?

How do you like stiletto nails,would you wear them? Do you always have the same nail shape or you like to switch it up from time to time?

Love and kisses :***


  1. Uhhh, I don't wan't to get in a fight with you dear LOL - nah, just kidding.
    I have been told that square nails are much stronger than the stiletto, because they "protect themselves" better agains bruising.
    Maybe you should check out OPI Nail Envy. I have a freind with fragile nails and did a lot of research, it seems like it's one of the best, it has different variations to choose from.

  2. @MariaM: LOL :D It must be that then,because while I kept my nails square I never had a problem,now when I am trying the more oval and sharped shape its a mess.Will try to get my hands on that OPI Nail Envy.Thank you so much for reccomending:*

  3. meni stileto nije napet... tko zna, možda se to s vremenom promijeni ;-)
    a što se tiče slabih noktiju - tu sam, nikako s njima na zelenu granu :-(

  4. p.s. sviđa mi se novi look bloga :-D

  5. @Nail crazy: Hvala draga moja:)Ja sam im se prilicno odupirala jer sam bas navikla da godinama nosim onako onaj kockast oblik i konacno popustim i krenem ih oblikovat drugacije kad ono nokti se pobune,razlistaju,polome:( A moracemo naci neki cudotvorni premaz da da popravimo stanje:)

  6. joj ja nisam neki ljubitelj.. vise volim kratke nokte :-)

  7. @Zorannah: Mnogi ih ne vole,nisam ni ja bila za luda za njima dugo,nekako sam bila navikla na krace i onako kockastog oblika.A sad mi se onako svidja ideja,malo za promjenu:)Jos samo da se noktici oporave i malo narastu:)

  8. I'm not big fan of stiletto nails, but in some cases they do look really pretty - like the ones Rihanna has.

  9. @Sandra: Yes,I like Rihanna's nails too,they look elegant and pretty,not over the top.

    @Isabella: Hvala puno,veoma mi je drago da moji postovi mogu biti korisni.Hvala na komentaru:)