You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trend I love :Knits

I am so glad that designers deacided that this winter its stylish to be warm and cozy,in other words: Knits are back!!!

These pics are from D&G show from Milan,but many other designers have knits in their this season´s collections.This trend is,in my opinion,so easy,so practical for every day,casual and comfortable and yet it can be so fun to combine colourful hats,gloves,scarfs,ear muffs.Ofcourse the main peace is a super warm sweater that you can pair with skiny cord jeans or even knit leggings and comfortable pair of boots.

All the above are from,they have very cute things and at affordable prices.And there I also find these adorable slipper boots,that will be my next purchase.I love to feel warm and comfortable at home:)

When it comes to sweater or cardigan I prefer more simple or basic neutral colours like black or nude,gray and then add a pop of colour with scarfs,hats and gloves.

They go great with skinny cords

Cant wait to get a lil more cold so I can pull out some knits from my closet (ok,and to have an excuse to buy some more :)
What is your favourite trend for this winter?
Love Mimi :**


  1. I loved everything! I'm that person who prefers to wear warm things than beautiful but this year we can do both, warm and beautiful. I'm allergic to cold, I hate cold and it hurts my skin and my bones, so this year I want to wear a lots of warm clothes =P

  2. Then its two of us:)we are going to be so stylish but super warm:)

  3. Me too me too!! I love knits!!
    I love knitted knee socks (even though id never wear them outside the house!) I love boots.... great post!!!!

  4. @Tali: Haha I am the same with the socks,but they keep me warm inside the house too :)Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment :)