You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It was a long day...

It was a long day today...first it was raining almost all day.I dont like the rain for a few reasons but mainly its because my back start to hurt so bad it almost hard to breathe :( Second,my son was pretty cranky today and very determined to push our buttons in every possible way (ahh,i realize now why ppl call it "the terrible two´s)...Besides,its almost 10 pm and my lil Rafa is still jumping around the living room full of energy,and my hubby is at work:( Need a deep breath and count to 10:1,2...5....well continuing to count...101,.. :) On a days like this i   calm myself with a
big cup of cappucino (nice foam and extra chocolate on top) and

So many times i feel ashamed that every time i feel tierd or stressed (or both) i reach for ciggarets,but yes,my old friend marlboro and huge cup of warm cappucino is what makes me feel better in an instant ,a lil more calm.(I dont even want to start talking about that big peace of chocolate cake,so shhhhh)
Anyway,its too late and raining to go out get the cappucino and cigars so a nice cup of camomile tea and some celebrity gossip on Entertainment Tv will have to do!
Good night my lovely ladies,dream some sweet,pink,fluffy dreams
Love Mimi


  1. Dispensava o tabaco apenas =P

  2. Yes,me too,its just so damn hard:(but i am trying,at least i am smoking wayy less now:)
    Thanks for your comment sweetie:)

  3. oi :)

    great blog dear!!

    eheheh.... nice post!

  4. @Ivania:Thank you so much

  5. I can't believe you smoke! You have to stop, it will make you older and you can get sick =(

    You have a stamp for you in my blog =)

  6. @Pampas: I know,i am trying to stop
    Thanks so much for the stamp sweetie :***

  7. Vou dar um bocadinho de força para perderes o vício do tabaco. Como somos as duas mães, ficamos a par de igualdade e assim já me sinto à vontade para te dizer:
    Lembra-te que o fumo passivo prejudica mais que o activo; e como tens um filho, pensa nele sempre que fores acender um cigarro. Mesmo que não fumes perto dele, ele vai sentir o cheiro quando estiver contigo e, o cheiro de algo viciante pode começar a entranhar-se e um dia fazer parte da vida do teu filho. Se fizer, não queiras ser uma das responsáveis por isso. Por isso, mete uma fotografia dele no maço de tabaco para que ao veres a fotografia seja um incentivo a não fumares... Experimenta, pode ser que ajude a largar o vício.. Boa sorte para esta tua luta!;))

    Beijinhoss *

  8. @Mama Lu: You give me a ggod point,I really feel ashamed and embaressed that I even reach for a cigarete and even more so that my son can see that.I should be the one who give him the good example!Thank you so much for your support,I am already smoking so much less and hopefuly will quit for good soon!
    Kisses for you and lil Gabi:*