You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pampering time,current favorites

There is nothing like pampering yourself after a hectic day,it is my special "me time" that I enjoy so much.I love to try face masks and body lotions,butters,creams,basicly anything that will make my super dry skin feel soft and moisturised so I wanted to share with you few of my current favorites :)

I love sweet scents and my favorite shower gel of the moment is Subrina Delicious Cookie.It smells amazing,just like caramel and vanilla cookies,it is very gentle for the skin,it is super creamy and leaves the skin soft and smooth:) I usualy like to switch up and change my sower gel but I just love this one so much,it's my third bottle :)

FENNEL Body Yogurt Strawberry Ice Cream - I descovered this product back in November and I am in love ever since:) It has such a light cositency,melts on the skin when applied,it is absorbed super quickly.Doesn't leave your skin sticky but moisturise great and the scent last pretty long.

AVON's Planet Spa - Turkish thermal baths rhassoul clay face mask.I love the face masks from Avon's Planet Spa line,I have been using them for years and this is the latest one I bought to try.

When first applied it looks like on the pic above,a brown(ish) muddy thick cream,that will dry out in a few minutes.It smells great,and after you wash it off it will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed,and very soft. I use it about two times a week.I feel it works the best on days I had a full make up on for hours,it just helps to clean the skin better.

Those are my current favorite pampering products,if you have any recomendations let me know:)
Have you tried any of these products?

Love and kisses:***


  1. ovaj body yogurt izgleda predobro :D

    1. Predobar je!Ovo mi je druga kutija po redu,a skroz pristupacna cijena,mislim da je nesto ispod 3 eura:)

  2. Avon's mask looks like a chocolate. :) Body Yogurt has really nice packaging.

  3. MMMM, they look like delicious products!!!