You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Sunday and a lil Update :)

Hello my lovelies,long time no see :) Sorry for not posting lately,but like many of you know we moved from Portugal to Montenegro,to my home town and I was pretty bussy with organising and everything.Plus internet is giving me hard times,but that will be fixed soon. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend and enjoying your Sunday:) Lots of new posts commin soon!
Till then here are some pics I took while we traveled  and during first few days:)

We Love to fly :D

Smoking brake at Rome :)

Fun day with my lil man <3

Happy :)

Photo time with my sis <3

Somebody was not in the mood to take pics :D

Love and Kisses:***


  1. Divni<3 nadam se da ćemo se što prije upoznati<3

  2. You're such a sweet family :)
    and you look stunning in every pic !:*