You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New diet & workout routine

Hello ladies,hope you are all doing well:) As the title say today I want to talk to you about my new diet/workout routine. And it all started on Easter afternoon....

As it is usual,Easter is fool of delicious and yummy food and sweet treats and our home was no exception.For lunch we had BBQ and even I know I shouldn't have any because of my past ulcer problems I did anyway.Not just the BBQ,but the other spicy and yummy stuff as well.And then I spent the Easter afternoon in pain and with my hubby making me tea. So it was time for a change :) I went back to my old diet of mostly eating just fruit and vegetables.Its been four days now and it feels great.
This is what I eat:
Breakfast: fruit and light yogurt or some unsweetened cereals and coffee
Lunch: vegetable mix,egg whites omlete,tuna salad ...
Dinner: Salad or toast and tea
Snacks: always fruit
One thing I don't give up is coffee :))

I also love cream vegetable soups,they are so yummy and very simple and easy to make so I try not to buy them in the supermarket but to eat the homemade ones :)
No supermarket juice for me as well :) Since the oranges here are so good I make my own juice.And I find the water based/herbal drink that has only 1 calorie per 100 ml (yes just 1 you read well) It tastes like tea,but its very pleasant and I like it a lot,since as you may know I just don't like water,and even I try to drink as much as I can its very hard.

Now for the exercise and my new routine.

I saw on YouTube so many ppl raving about these Dvd workout so I give it a try:) Let me tell you - Its Amazing:) There are a lot of different exercises,not just the "butt lift" ones.If you do it right you feel the muscles burning:) You can get the dvd set on line (I think you can buy it at Amazon) for around 20 dollars.Or if you are cheap like me you can download it for free :))) 

So that is it:) Eating healthy and working out and hope to see some results soon.Now I am not trying to loose much weight,maybe just 2 or 3 kg,but I am really looking forward to more toned body:)

NOTE: I am not a nutritionist,nor I claim this is the right way to eat,this is just what feels good and works for me

Do you work out?Do you follow any special diet? 

Love and kisses:***


  1. I used to work out a lot, but don't any longer - good luck with your project :)

  2. o, meni treba i dijeta i vježba :-(