You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cloudy day camouflage manicure:)

Hello ladies,hope the weather is sunny in your part of the world:) In here we have a crapy weather for almost a week now,so gloomy and rainy,doesn't feel like spring at all :( In the last post you saw a very bright orange and pink manicure that was part of the Spring challenge. But it didn't mach my outfit so I decided to change it :) I was wearing my army green blouse and leather leggings with biker boots so I thought the darker mani would go better:)

I painted my nails in dark green and my ring finger in a lighter shade of army green and added some camouflage print.

Like I said there is no sun for the past few days and the darker green polish was so hard to capture in pics:(

This is the closest to the true color. "Cliche"- Camuflado and "Cliche" - Kahki (on the ring finger).For the camouflage effect I used random brown,gray and black polish.

I like how it looks on the nails so this mani is staying on for the next 2-3 days:))

That's all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***


  1. Aw, so you got around to it, very nice colors you used my dear :)

  2. Thank you dear,glad you like it:) Yes I finally did it,waited too long to make the camouflage mani:)

  3. sviđa mi se manikura... ali kad me ubije ružan dan, ja stavim najluđu kombinaciju da me digne ;-D

    1. Ma i ja vrlo cesto to radim ali ova manikura mi je bas isla uz danasnji outfit:))