You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Monday, October 17, 2011

NOTD: A touch of metal

Hi girls:) I am pretty bussy today so just a quick post to show you my freshly painted nails:)

Today I went for a version of french manicure with metalic and black combo:)

I painted my nails with "Yes Love" in number 8003. It is a very pretty antique gold with metalic finish,and for tips I just used black nail art polish with a thin brush.I find that french mani always looks nice and if you play with different colors it looks more fresh and modern:)

That's all for today,hope you like it:) From next week Halloween inspired nail art only,so if you have some good ideas on designs let me know,and I will try to recreate it (still practicing )

Love and kisses:***


  1. sviđa mi se tvoj funky french ;-D

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  3. @Nail crazy: Mnogo volim french ali onaj klasicni mi je nekako dosadio,ovako je zanimljivije,toliko boja i kombinacija:)

  4. Svidja mi se tvoja verzija :D
    Metalik/zlatni lak je fenomenalan!

  5. Mimi hello:)
    No, I just found this shop and found it useful to share: D
    because I see on facebook and so much to sell things until I saw this shop at prices absurd: S

  6. @Marija- Hvala draga,a metalik lakic je najobicniji,kupljen kod Kineza za samo 1 euro,ali boja je super:)

    @Catia Alves: Thank you dear,I just wanted to know how safe it is to shop from their websites,you can not be careful enough with those things today:)Their prices are amazing:)

  7. lovely nails!


  8. Mimi, I'm proud of you! I really like to see you trying news things and I love your nails! I just feel sorry for the quality of the photos =(


  9. @All About Lady Things: Thank you dear

    @Pampas: Oh,thank you so much sweetie,I have to admit trying new things is a lot of fun.And about the photos,I know,I wish so much to get a proper camera so I can put better quality pics.I hope soon:)

  10. The golden nailpolish *__*