You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Friday, October 14, 2011

Matchy Make-up - Eyes,lips,cheeks and nails

Do you ever match your eyeshadow with your nail polish color?Or would you ever go a step further and match the color on your eyes,lips,cheeks and nails?
Have to admit that I always put my makeup and choose the colors by the mood I am at the moment (but in most cases I choose neutral colors cause its faster and somehow easier for day to day).If the color of my nail polish match the color my eye shadow usually its by pure coincidence,and I never thought that you can match all -lips,eyes,cheeks and nails- and that the end result would be good. (Most likely I had in mind dark smokey eye so just the thought of black or gray lips,or cheeks, didn't look pretty)
Tonight I found an interesting video by Lisa Eldridge (I just love her make up tutorials) that shows how you can do your matchy make-up and still look fresh,sexy and classy:)
Super cute,and I am going to try it for sure:)

Do you like this "trend"? Would you wear it?

Love and kisses:*** 


  1. Iskreno, ja to nikada ne kombinujem, eventualno mi se karmin slaže sa nečim od odeće ili nakita što imam na sebi, ali lak za nokte i ostatak šminke - redovno je različit :)

  2. @Confessions of the Psyco Cat: Nijesam ni ja dosad to nikad kombinovala,bar ne namjerno,ako se nesto i desi da bude bas iste boje to je puka slucajnost,ali probacu cisto da vidim kako to meni stoji:)

  3. nije loš trend... samo šta da radim kad imam crni lak, zeleni... ali zato uparim lak s prstenom ;-D

  4. @Nail crazy: haha pa i ja sam na to pomislila,ono ajde neki smokey eye i crni lak,ali cni karmin mozda samo za Halloween :P