You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Counting sheeps...."Nakitarna" jewelry

Hello ladies:) Maybe you don't know but I am obsessed with jewelry,bracelets,rings,earrings, name it. It doesn't have to expensive,but it needs to stand out:) Last night I was on Facebook and I found some amazing handmade jewelry,I couldn't stop looking at the pics.Its so girly,cute,funky,and every piece is handmade so you are sure there are no two exactly the same items:)
Just take a look:

Aren't they adorable ? Lovely lady who makes these is Nina and her store is called "Nakitarna" and if you are interested to take a better look at her amazing work please check out her Facebook page here. In the meanwhile here are some the things I liked

These are my absolute favorite,in love with this braclet and necklace :)

She also makes key chains,cake decorations and more,and if you have something special in mind that you can't find in her store she will make it for you:)

In "Nakitarna" you can also find other styles exept these that I showed here,so be sure to take a look:)

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post,nor I got sent any of the pieces shown above.I just find these cute jewelry that I liked a lot and just wanted to share with you all :)

Hope you like it:)Till next time
Love and kisses:***


  1. stvarno prekrasni radovi, oduševljena sam *.*

  2. ja biram garfild mindjuse, vrh su!:) Sve je divno...

  3. @Zorannah: Preslatki komadi,a sto je jos bolje svaki je jedinstven,nemaju dva potpuno ista:)

    @Nail crazy: Mene su ove predivne ovcice totalno osvojile na prvi pogled (PS.Stedim pare vec ;)

    @Stasha: I ja volim garfielda,ali prosto se ne bi mogla odluciti za samo jednu stvar:)