You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can do nail art...sort of :)))

Hello everyone:) Today on my son's request I tried to do some nail art.I was watching some Halloween nail art tutorials on Youtube and when my son saw the pumpkins he start beging me:"Mommy draw a scary pumpkin,please,please".(and let me tell you that kid just don't give up,he would beg till tomorow :D )
I had some nail tips from before so I decided to use them and practice (It's less messy then to try to do something on my real nails)

They are sooo far from perfect,and I was debating if I am going to post the pics or not,but since me and my lil one had so much fun choosing the designs and picking the colors,I thought I might as well share it:)

These two are my favorites,a lil ghost and a "scary" pumpkin,so I am for sure going to practice some more and do these on mu nails for Halloween:)

And now if you promisse you won't laugh I will show you one non Halloween design

My attempt of making a Hello Kitty :D I am huggeee Hello Kitty fan and I wanted to make it look nice so bad...Well my son said it looks like Garfield but the more I look at it I realize it looks more like lasagna then H.Kitty ;)Oh,patience,maybe one day I will make it wright:)

Do you like nail art?Do you already know what designs will you wear for Halloween?

Love and kisses


  1. Super to tebi ide,pravi nail art majstor ;)))

  2. @Nina: Hvala ti draga moja,ma treba tu jako puno vjezbe a moj je problem uglavnom strpljenje:)Ali s vremena na vrijeme probat cu uradit jos po neki:)

  3. a ženo, halloween crteži su ti prva liga :-D
    kitty si samo trebala zaokružiti glavu a ne se mučiti s onim ispod i bila bi ti savršena ;-)
    jedina mana su malo lošije fotke, šteta... ali crteži su super, nemaš razloga biti nezadovoljna :-D

  4. @Nail crazy: Hvala ti puno draga moja,a bice valjda i boljih fotki moram kupit kameru kako treba,ali uvijek nesto prece ispadne;)A kitty ima da vjezbam dok ne ispadne kako treba:)
    Ps.Jedva cekam Halloween:))

  5. That's super cute!! Love the pumpkins =P