You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sparkle addiction:)

Hello my lovelies:) I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve, lots of wishes and plans for 2011. Now I want to talk about my latest addiction - everything sparkly and glittery :) Some of you may think that those two are reserved just for the  now past holidays (Christmas and New years eve) but why not sparkle up all year around!
Here are some of my sparkly-glittery loves:)

Lets start with dresses:

If you wear a dress like this be careful with choosing your shoes and jewelery,the focus should be on the dress and the rest should be pretty neutral and toned down. Even the makeup shouldn't be nothing crazy,maybe a classic smokey eye and nude lips.
But if a dress is just a lil too much glitter for you,you can always add some glam to a simple outfit by choosing some special shoes or a clutch.

I love the idea of pairing the simple monocromatic outfit (like black pants and black blouse) with sarkly shoes,it just gives that fun effect and spice up the all look:)

In my opinion in wearing glitter the key is to be moderate,choose just one item (dress,shoes,clutch..) cause it can easy pass from fun and classy to trashy and looking cheap (you know what I mean).
At the end if you think that with all this you would feel like a Christmas tree underneath the simple shirt wear
  a bra like this and make sexy surprise for that someone special in your life ;)
Just remember, whatever you wear have fun with it and enjoy:)

Love and kisses:***


  1. hihi vidim da te glittermanija ne pušta još :-)
    grudnjak baš po mom guštu :-p

  2. Ne jos uvijek ne pusta :)Odlucila sam unijet malo glittera u cijelu godinu:)

  3. Lep post!:)