You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Belle Noel

Hello my sweethearts! Like you can see from the title and from the pic above todays post is about jewelery - Kim Kardashian's line called "Belle Noel". I heard about it a while ago but couldn't really say that I was interested to give a closer look, and all because I tought since its another celebrity line its going to be very pricey.
But today I stumble across a site that was selling the "Belle Noel" line so I decided to take a look.
First, I can say that there are some really nice and modern stuff, most of the items come in two versions - gold and silver- what I find really good. The biggest surprise were the prices: All the peaces from the collection are very affordable. For example you can get a ring for 39 dollars,and the most expensive piece is the set of 3 bangles for 129 dollars.
Here are some of the interesting pieces I would choose:
What do you think about the collection? Would you buy anything?
Love and kisses:***


  1. ja vishe nisam pametna, u poslednje vreme ima toliko nakita.. od najjeftinijih do najskupljih brendova
    i svi tako tako liche
    svidja mi se, ali ipak vedj vidjeno

  2. Slazem se sa tobom,mislim da sad svi prave nakit po nekom slicnom kalupu.Kupila bih mozda jedan prsten i lanac sa edaljonom i mislim da bi to bilo to,sto se ove konkretno kolekcije tice

  3. zgodni komadi!
    nije da nosim previše nakita ali dobro izgleda :-)

  4. Meni se svidja njen nakit. Ovaj prvi prsten sto si ti stavila je stvarno dobar...