You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Object of desire: Gucci '1973' tote

Hello everyone! I was browsing the online stores the other day (no,not shopping,just looking whats new) and I found this gorgeous Gucci bag! The official name of the bag is '1973' tote bag and I can say I am in love.Look at that beauty. The reason I love it is because its so classic and modern at the same time, big enough to put all you will need and it goes pretty much with everything.

Now for the price...on the official Gucci site the price is from 1350 to 1700 dollars.Thats a lot of money to spend on a handbag but this is a classic peace that you can enjoy wearing for years and always look stylish.
Even the celebs couldnt resist it :)
Angelina Jolie,Monica Cruz and Eva Mendez just to name a few....

So,there it my latest object of desire...Have you find a bag\shoes\etc. that you are obsessing about lately?
Love and kisses:***


  1. ma nije valjda da ti je skupo...meni se čini neka sića lol
    mislim da bih umrla isti tren da za torbu,ma čije ime na njoj,ovoliko iskeširam :-/

  2. bag is fabulous..I like it..and the blog is great..♥
    See my blog. I like yours i`ll folow too can folow mine if you like it..♥

  3. @Nail crazy: Skupo,ma ne,sitnica prava;),ostat ce jos dugo na gledanju,osim ako ne ubodem Euromilione;)

  4. @Miss_Kissy: Thank you so much sweetie,I go visit your blog that for sure:)
    Love and kisses:**

  5. De certeza que quando começarem as festinhas de rua, não faltará quem venda cópias.. Óptimo para quem não ganha tanto como as celebridades, xD!

    Eu gostei muito da mala em castanho!:)


  6. @Mama Lu: The brown one is one of my faves too. Oh,I would buy a good copy if I found one:)

  7. Jako mi se svidja tvoj blog :) super su ti postovi ;)

  8. @Jelena: Hvala puno draga:*

    @Stasha: I ja,predivne su,ali trenutno su,nazalost,malo preskupe za mene:(