You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Saturday, December 18, 2010

7 questions,7 answers,7 blogs :)

Today Pampas left me with these questions to answer so here we go:

7 things I have to do before I die: 
-Take my son to Disneyland
-Visit New York
- Start my own business
- Build my dream house
- Spend a whole week in a spa
- Learn to cook like my mom and my husband
- Try to learn how to ski

7 things I say all the time
- Alo
- Rafael deixa isso
- Ola amor
- Love you
- So cute
- No way
- Cao

7 things I am good at
- Listening
- Working under pressure
- Helping a friend in need
- Eating sweets ;)
- Doing my own hair
- Learning new languages
- Being lazy :D

7 flaws
- Impatient
- I forgive but I don't forget
- Tend to exagerate
- Super stubborn
- Do things my way and only my way
- Sometimes really grumpy
- Bad cook :(

7 qualities 
- Honest
- Caring
- Dreamer
- Never give up
- Creative
- Polite
- Positive

7 blogs to answer the same
-Raqs - (F)Utilidades
-Nail Crazy
-Nails for Fun
- Anastasija (Butterfly Dreamer)
-Ly nails
- Jo Woods

It was really fun writing this post,hope you have fun answering as well :)
Love and kisses:****


  1. heeej draga, pa nemoj da brines, vodim vas ja u diznilend, ja sam tamo domaca, cisto da se ne izgubite:)))
    hvala za tag:))

  2. hvala draga što si i mene prikačila tu :-)
    a može i molbica -mogu i ja s vama u disneyland?

  3. Ma mozemo svi u Diznilend,kako se ono kaze,sto vise to bolje:)))