You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Skincare: Have you tried the Oxygen Spray?

Even more then in make up i am  so into the skincare products,and i am always looking for the next best thing thats going to make my skin soft,clear,moiturized (we all want perfect skin right?).My skin was always very dry (it still is) but apart from ocasional breakout i was very lucky and never had the problems with acne.Keeping the skin to feel moisturized is all another story.But everything changed after the birth of my son,when i got acne on both parts of my cheeks.I was so desperate,my once clear face was covered in those red, nasty spots.Fast forward two years my face calmed down (so as the hormons i guess) but i still have some acne scars left,and i keep looking for something that will make them go away.My mom talked to me about the Oxygen Spray she found at the local pharmacy,and how she heard that is doing amazing things for the skin.I have heard abot oxygen facial treatments that you can get in beauty salons or at the spa,but i didnt know about the spray.I reasurch a lil and this is what i find out:
- It claims to moisturizes the skin,it helps absorve other skincare products more effectivly,enchances makeup finish,accelerate skin renewal after exfoliation,helps with acne and acne scars ...amon other wonderful things it claims to do to your skin.

Usualy i am very sceptical about the products that claim to be miraculus and multipurpose,but i will give it a try,and mainly because it says it doesnt contain alcohol so it would not dryout my already dry skin. My mom will send it to me in a few days so i am planing to try it and take pics of before,during and after,to see if my skin really improved or not.Looking forward to get rid of the acne scars :)))
Have you tried any oxygen facial treatment or spray and how did it work for you?

Love Mimi


  1. Hi Mimi, welcome to Portugal. You can write in my blog in english if it helps you because I understand. If you need help with your Portuguese just let me now ;)



  2. Thanks for your comment :D Your absolutely right, cargos are the best "pants" to wear & they look so chic :)
    Your blog is soo nice, too :D
    Ciao, Sabrina