You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Closet's cravings: Rubber boots,new trenchcoat,stylish umbrella

Wake up today and noticed a grey,cloudy sky and realised the summer is officialy over :( Here comes the rain again...i also realised my closet isn't happy at all.No it is craving some new things for the colder,rainy days. Here are just a few new cravings of my crazy old closet :)
No.1   Rubber boots - Ok,when i was a child rubber boots were the most hated pair of footwear,and was trying to avoid wearing them aqny way i could.Now my closet is crazy about rubber boots!Insane right? And not just any rubber boots but The Hunter's (Boa Snake Embrossed Rubber Boots)
Now the price of these is 225 $ (on,which i think is a lil too much just for rubber boots (ahhhh but the closet wants what the closet wants...) The rubber boots are a huge trend and almost every major brand have them in the collection for the fall.I prefere black but there are some with very cute prints.

No2 New Trench coat - The classic that never goes out of style and and would be a great match for a cute pair of rubber boots. Unlike the rubber boots trench is a peace of clothing worth investing a lil more money in (it can las you a really long time,always looks trendy and put together and you can wear it with almost anything)

This one is just 79,50 (AE Classic Trench Coat) at think that is a very good price for trench coat.Also Mango and H&M have really cute and affordable models.Would look perfect with a nice blouse underneath and a printed scarf.
No.3 Umbrella - Its not like i dont have an umbrella,but till i stumbled across these adorable and unique looking umbrellas i never thought i need a new one.I find them at and the prices are from 26,95 $ - 28,95. They look so fresh and can make any rainy day otfit just stand out on a gray and cloudy weather. Match with with your favourite nail polish for extra fun :) 

You can also choose a cool black and white umbrella to go with white or black trench coat and rubber boots to complement the look ( a pop of red like a nice scarf , red nails or lipstick would make the black and white outfit stand out)

What are your closet cravings of the season?
Love Mimi

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