You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The best eye shadow primer ever!

When it comes to eye shadow,what ever your colour of choise may be,we all want the same thing - to be vibrant and to stay on for a long time without creasing. I have tryed a few eye shadow primers,or eye shadow bases if you want,but for me nothing can compare to Coverderm´s classic ( waterproof concealing foundation)!I know it doesnt say its eye shadow base,and i bought it with intention to use it as a concealer,but it just didint work for me.But one day a run out of my usual eye primer so deacided to give Coverderm a chance.I was amazed,my eye shadow stayed on place wthout smudging or creasing all day long.And i have to say that i was using it all summer and i am in love with it! It comes in a really small 15 ml (0.5 fl.oz) jar but a lil bit goes a long way.Its enough to just slightly dab a finger and touch a product and you can cover whole lid.It is  hypoallergenic and has UVA-UVB protection and SPF 30.And did i said its waterproof  :) On the downside its not cheap (i think i bought it for 20 something euros) but considering how little you need it can last you a really long time,and i will definitely buy it again.What is your favourite eye shadow primer?
Love Mimi

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