You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer recap - beach,pastel pink hair,nails and dogs

Hello my sweethearts,I feel like I haven't blogged in ages...but I really needed some time apart from blogging and social networking just to spend time with my loved ones and enjoy the sunny days. This post will be a little recap of my summer :)

Spent a lot of time doing nails this summer,practicing and perfecting my nail art :) I even started working with acrylic powder and I did a first acrylic set of nails on myself and my BFF :)
Some of the nail art

Snake skin print- these are one of my all time favorites <3

Do what you love and it will never feel like work - I feel really blessed that I am doing what I love and am passionate about and I enjoy every new day at the salon :)

For the longest time I wanted to try out pastel hair colors so I went for pastel pink,and LOVED IT !!!

Spent a lot of time working,but still got to go to the beach and have some fun :)

My lil man loves making sand castles <3

Flok loves the beach too :) (My Bff's dog )

I left the best for last :) My fav part of the Summer 2013- adopting Nina,amazing labrador from the animal shelter. If you follow me on twitter,you know we wanted a dog for a really long time,just couldn't decide on the breed or if we want a puppy or an adult dog and so on.But since our son's birthday was getting closer we thought the moment is perfect.We went to the animal shelter and fell in love with 2 year old labrador we call Nina. She is a little more then 3 weeks with us and we love her,she is such a good, well behaved,sweet and loving dog.

First time we met in the shelter,she just jumped at me and I knew she would come home with us :)

She sometimes comes to the salon to visit me and check the nail art :D

Lol,this is how we look when we wake up :D

And that's how I spent my summer, how was yours? Are you excited for Fall?

Love and kisses :***


  1. What a wonderful up date on your summer - and I love your new dog, sooo sweet :)

  2. Rozi nokti i kosa ♡♥♡♥
    I svaka cast na udomljavanju ljepotice ♥

  3. bila si vrijedna, nadam se da sad nećeš opet nestat ;)
    krasna gesta nabavka cucka iz skloništa <3