You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roses for the sunshine :)

Hello my lovelies,hope you are having a great day :) We are in the month of June already,summer is just around the corner,but we had so much rain it felt more like November lately.I am tired of wearing rubber rain boots and always fussing with an umbrella. I want sunshine,and I want it NOW! And what better way to call up the Sun then with some flower manicure?
I am no expert in flower nail art,I admire ladies who do some amazing flower designs and I wanted to try it myself for the longest time. I have been practicing a little and yesterday I came up with the design I am happy with.I liked it so much I did the same nail art on my toes as well :)

My first roses <3 Aren't they cute? I added some polka dots just to mix and match. Like I said,I still need a lot of practice with my roses/flowers but I love how these turned out.All painted with nail polish.
The weather was so gloomy and I am sorry I couldn't take better pics outside #bbloggerproblems

As a base I used baby blue polish by Londesa called Flert polish,for roses I mixed opaque white by Golden Rose Protein (#242) and neon pink by Yes Love (#44),for leaves I used Bellaoggi Sixty seconds green polish (#18).Top coat is Eveline 3in1.

For the weekend I will be attending a 2 day seminar about gel and acrilic nails and nail art and I am so excited too see the new techniques and nail art experts at work :)

 I will try to take pics so you can expect a blog post on that too.

That is all for today,hope you liked it:)

Love and kisses:***


  1. They turned out amazing!! I love your nails!
    I keep staring at the little roses, sooooooo cute :)


  2. Your first roses are amazing - so well done Mimi, and have fun at that seminar, I cannot wait to hear more about the weekend!

  3. These are really amazing, well done. :)

  4. super je manikura, i trebaš biti zadovoljna :D
    jedva čekam izvještaj sa seminara :D

  5. omg love the last nail art! gorgeous!!