You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Sunday, April 7, 2013

For all the blonde babes: Purple shampoo you will love

Hello my sweethearts,hope you are all having a great weekend :) Today I want to share with you my most recent discovery when it comes to hair:) All blonde hair ladies know how hard it is to keep your perfect blonde bright and shiny and keep those nasty yellow tones away.There comes purple shampoo to the rescue and we are always looking for the next great one.A while ago I did a post on my hair care favorites where I showed you Keune's purple shampoo that I used at the time.I still think it's a good product,but I found a better one,and cheaper too :)))

Can you guess which one it is?
I'll give you a hint: Do you know that comercial "It's not me It's my Schauma" ?

Yes, Schauma Silver Reflex is my new BFF :) Few weeks ago I ran out of my Keune purple shampoo and my drugstore didn't have it so I was just looking around to see if I can find some other brand and I saw Schauma Silver Reflex.It was almost hidden on the corner and because of the pic on the packaging I almost didn't buy it.But I opened it anyway and when I saw intense purple color I was excited and bought it.The price great,I paid 2,30 euros and thought even if it doesn't turn out to be good at least I am not wasting a lot of money.But I fell in love with it!Even at the first wash I noticed the difference on my bleached hair.Yellow tones were noticeably less visible,the hair got more cool toned (and I love it).While washing and rinsing my hair felt pretty soft,but of course I never skip my conditioner and hair mask.

It says on the packaging that it is meant for gray and blonde hair (but I feel like they could have done a better job with the image,because just by looking at it I would think it is meant for gray or mature hair ...or its just me,I don't know)

Here are the ingredients,in case you are interested,but to be honest,I almost never look at the labels on shampoos (Its bad,I know)

It also said its silicone free

Anyway,if you are looking for a really good purple shampoo at a bargain price,I recommend you try Schauma Silver Reflex,I think you will like it :)

Have you ever tried this shampoo? What is your favorite purple shampoo?

Love and kisses:***


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    1. I was very suspicious,first because of the price and the image on the packaging but the shampoo is really amazing,it works great :)

  2. više nisam plavuša... bar ne cila :D