You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Thursday

Hello my sweethearts,hope you had an amazing Halloween :) Its Thursday again,so its time for one more 'Random Thursday' post. This time its just a quick post,I am still in last minute packing and checking everything,since we are traveling early in the morning:)

This week was in sign of Halloween and my lil man is a huge superhero fan,so he decided he wanted to be Batman and ask me to paint his face

If you ever thought doing your own makeup is hard,try doing something face painting on a four year old child :D

While running errands we find this cute lil Halloween store down town

And we did a lot of souvenir shopping for family and friends

Most of you know that I love everything Hello Kitty so when I saw these I was in love

Tried to find them on line,Sanrio,ebay...but no luck :( If you have any idea where these babies can be found please let me know :)

Again,I am so looking forward for the new ''Vampire Diaries'' episode tonight,can't wait :)

Since I love quotes,here is one I liked this week

That will be all for today,next post I will be writting from Montenegro :) So I leave you with a pic of my home town

Love and kisses:***


  1. Haha, love the quote! :D
    Is that Podgorica or did I get confused? :) Beautiful town, so many trees, I hope I'll go there one day. :)

    1. :) Yes it is,the city has changed so much in the past years,much more modern looking then it was:) Hope you come and visit:)

  2. nemoj ni slučajno kupovat ove čizmice, nećeš moć gledat ništa drugo osim njih, a to nije zdravo ;)
    krasna panorama, nisam došla dalje od herceg novog... valjda ću jednom to ispravit :D
    zgodan ti je taj batmanov nasljednik <3

  3. LOL what a lot of great photos.
    I love your little batman - and OHMG the Hello Kitty boots are soooo adorable!!!
    The unicorn advice is so true :)

  4. Olá Ana ,tudo bem?
    Adorei a tua publicação!!
    Espero que tivesses tido uma boa viagem, e que tivesses chegado bem junto dos teus familiares!!
    Bjs para vocês e um maravilhoso fim de semana

  5. aw you son is too cute!! Hello Kitty boots!! :)