You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I got for Xmas :)

Hello ladies,hope you are having a great day and getting ready for New Year :) Today I decided to show you some of  the things I got for Xmas:) I mostly got clothes and jewelry,some hair accessorise.
So here are some of my favorite things:

This will have to be my absolute favorite gifts of all :) (Don't get me wrong, I am very happy and grateful for everything I got,but I was so excited for this one) Minnie Mouse sweater,on the pic you can't see well,but its full of little studs and crystals,and I love it!

Black leather like leggings and white cord skinny jeans both from Stradivarius.When I saw the size on the leather leggings is S I was thinking to myself Oh no,I would hate it if I couldn't squeeze in them,but they are super strechy and so comfy that was a pleasant surprise :)
My new "geek" glasses,came at the perfect time since I needed a new pair anyway and I love them. My son has the super power of destroying my glasses and without them I can't even watch tv or anything,so I am going to try keep these away from him :))

"Fruttini" set - body butter and body spray in the milky orange scent.This is one of my favorite body butters,and I love that it comes in a big 500 ml packaging.

I got some headbands as well,a few necklaces and a bracelet and a few tops,so maybe one of these days I make an Outfit of the day post to show you some of the other stuff as well:)

That's all for today,hope you like it:)

Love and kisses:***


  1. What a lot of nice presents :)
    Except for the color, I think the glasses I hopefully soon get are pretty much the same shape, a little like RayBan Wayfarer...

  2. Fantastic and beautifull presents! Loved it! :D:D

  3. i ja bih minnie, super pokloni :-D

  4. Super su ti pokloni,naočale su mi najbolje ;)))

  5. @Marias Nail Polish Blog: thank you my dear:)Oh I love that model from RayBan its a classic that never go out of style:)

    @O Blog da Framboesa: Thank you dear,I was really happy with all the stuff I got:)

    @Nail crazy: O minnie je bila ljubav na prvi pogled:) Moji ukucani me tako dobro poznaju:)

    @Stasha: Hvala draga,ovo je bio dobar Bozic u svakom smislu te rijeci:)

    @Nina: Hvala draga moja,naocale su pale u pravo vrijeme ja bez njih ne vidim ni gledat tv,ni vozit...obozavam ih:)

  6. fini pokloni, mora se priznat :)
    jako mi se sviđaju naočale!

  7. Mimi thank you:)
    because here there sephora, but I really have to see if an arrangement glue: S

  8. Sviđaju mi se naočare i Mini :) <3