You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Monday, December 5, 2011

How I do my nails

Good evening ladies,hope you are doing well.So tonight I am going to show you how I did my nails with the kit I showed you in my post earlier today. Now the pics are not great and don't do much justice to the work I have done but I just could't wait till January when I am getting the new camera,but hope you will be able to see and I will try to explain the process the best I can. 
So Let's begin :)

This is the stuff I was using,Uv lamp,nail tips,glue,UV base gel,brush for gel,nail files and buffer blok.
Step 1:  Remove all the nail polish you might have,sanitize your hands
Step 2:  Take care of your cuticles,push them,cut them like usual - this is very important because you don't               want the cuticle extra skin of getting in a way of uv gel cause you might get lifting of the gel later.
Step 3: Cut your nails as short as you can and gently file the surface of the nail so the tips stick better.Remember be gentle,you just need the surface to be a lil rough so go easy with the nail file

Step 4: Now take the tips and see wich size is the right one for each nail.I firs did this for one hand then just took the same size tips for the other.Be sure to check it well because the tips that are too big or too small will not last you very long and are more likely to brake faster.

Step 5: Take the glue and put a lil at the bottom (more thin part of the tip that goes over your nail) Press it and old for a few seconds to make sure its glued well

This is just after I glued the tips on,they are sooooo long!But don't be scared,you are not leaving them like that!

Now these stiletto tips I got are pretty thin and they are very easy to work with,I mean its easy to cut them and file in the shape you want.

Step 6: Cut the tips to the desired lenght! You can cut them short or just a lil to keep all the lenght,it just depends on what you like. Now to make sure they are all the same lenght cut for example the thumb nail from the left hand and then the one from the right.That way you can compare and keep them even.

Step 7: Now that you cut the nails to desired lenght its time for some more filing. Take the nail file and file on the surface of the nail where the tips meat your natural nail to smooth it out.If you got the tips that are thin you will not have to file much. You will know its done when you almost don't see where the tips start as it will be well blended and smooth.

Step 8: Now file the shape you want. Take your time and try to shape all the nails even.I chose to give my nails more almond shape,but you can make them square or spiky or what ever shape you prefer

Step 9: Wash your hands and dry well to get rid of all the dust from filing
Step 10: Take the buffer block and clean any uneven tiny parts from the inside of tips that are left from filing
Step 11: Take your brush and dip it in gel and try to get as close to the cuticles as you can and then cover the all nail.Start better with a thin layer and then see if later you need more.One very important thing: while putting your uv gel on be sure your uv lamp is turned off.When you finish with gel put the jar away from the lamp so you don't destroy it if it gets in contact with the uv light.

Step 12; Time for the uv lamp

Put the four fingers in first and leave the thumb out so you can put it nice by itself. Leave it to cure for at least 2-3 minutes.Repeat with thumb and with the other hand.

Step 13: Take the nail polish of your choice and paint the nails and you are done :)

And that's it! I hope you like and I tried to explain it the best I can.I was to tierd to do any nail art,but I will do that soon :) Now its time for bed:)

NOTE: I am not a professional and I do not claim that this is the right way to do the nails.This is just what I learned from a friend who had a salon and used to do my nails for many years.Also this is the easiest way for me to do it.

Love and kisses:***


  1. Wow, what a nice result, great work!
    I have never had gel nails, but I have seen our local nail tec do them, she shapes them with a brush, more layers and some kind of guide-tip.
    Do you have a photo of the finished result without polish?
    I look forward to hearing how often you need to redo them :)

  2. @Maria:Thank you so much my dear:) Those are gel nails without the tips,you basicly build the tip and the lenght with the gel,these are just more easy for me to apply:)I dont have a pick without the polish but I can take one:)The correction is supposed to be done every 2 weeks,but that is just to fill in the gel:)

  3. trebala si ostavit punu dužinu tipsi ;-)
    dobro izgledaju, al ja osobno nikad ne bih stavila gelirane nokte :-D

  4. @nail crazy: Lol,pa onda bi mi bili super prakticni :D Hvala draga moja a mozda nisi znala ali od geliranih noktiju mozes postati zavisnik,pa koliko god da nosis prirodne malo malo pa se uzelis geliranih :D

    @Psyco Cat: Hvala ti puno draga :*

  5. Hello Mimi:)
    many thanks for the tips: D

  6. wow, pa ovo je strava, moraces i meni ovakve da napravis!:)

  7. very nice!

  8. @Stasha: Naravno,ako svratis ovamo malo,vrlo rado:)

    @Raqs: Thank you so much,you are so sweet:)

    @Cookie: Thank you dear:)