You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Thursday (makeup,Disney,packing,Vampire Diaries...)

Hello my sweethearts :) Hope you are all doing well and having a great week. I thought about making these kind of posts for a while now,so from now on there will be a regular weekly posts called ''Random Thursday'' :)

This week started good,I was very busy,but its all good,finaly bought the plain tickets and we will be flying to Montenegro at the end of next week :)
I didn't have much time to do nail art but I did a quick makeup look for the giveaway hosted by Maybe's New start ,it is open internationaly so you are still on time to join:)

Today was a rainy day so what better way to fight the rain then red lips and winged eyeliner:)

(Just ignore those nasty roots,I need to get them retouched these days)

These were taken with a web cam since I forgot to put my camera on charge,but you get the idea :)

This week's quote is

and I really belive in this.

Also this week I find lots of new blogs to follow and met some lovely beauty bloggers on Twitters trough #bbloggerchat.Its so much fun to share tips and tricks,find about new products and so on:)I am totally Twitter obsessed.

Now my biggest problem is packing,always was.No matter how organized I want to be,no matter how early I start to pack,no matter how much I want it to like this

...somehow it always turns into this

and this

So if you have any tips and tricks on how to pack,please feel free to share them with me :)

But no matter how busy and crazy was during the day,evenings and nights were relaxing - cup of green tea with lemon and honey,warm fuzzy blanket and Disney classics with my lil man :) We are so into the Christmas movies and cartoons,and already looking forward to holiday season (If you don't know by now,Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year)

So there...that is all for this week's ''Ranom Thursday''...I think I rambled enough :)

Oh nd tonight is time for the new episode of ''Vampire Diaries'' season 4

Don't you think Damon is so hot :)) Can't wait to see what will happen tonight,it's gonna be one explosive episode :)

Love and kisses :***


  1. Super make up! :) Uživaj v Črni gori! :D

  2. Love love love your makeup!! And the roots are not even that visible.:)
    Lovely quote, somethin I live by everyday.
    I love random posts, you should totally write some more :))
    X Deja

    1. Thank you my dear,I am so glad you like,it means a lot coming from someone who is so good with makeup and talented like you are:)I love to read these random posts on other blogs so thought its about time to start posting them myself:)There will be more,I promisse:)

  3. That's a beautiful make up - you look gorgeous :)

    Hahaha - travel light, that's the key word, I'm also still trying to learn that :)

    1. Thank you my friend,I am glad you like it:)Now I am gonna try to ravel light this time but we will see how that goes,I am always affraid that if I don't bring something I am gonna need it:)

  4. love the make up :) packing is a nightmare

    1. Thank you dear:) Yeah,packing is always the least fun part of traveling

  5. dobar look, nadam se da ćete se super provesti doma :D
    uživaj u pakiranju ;)

    1. Hvala draga,jedva cekamo da putujemo samo se nadam da nas tamo nece docekati snijeg:))