You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday nails: Pink Vs. Orange

Hello ladies,happy Friday:) Since weekend is here,and weekends are always fun, I wanted a bright fun manicure. Very simple with some of my favorite colors: pink and orange:)  So take a look

Orange polish is "Goden Rose" and the pink one is by "Dermaclesia",very old one I bought few years ago,before my polish addiction started :D White is just a simple (no brand) nail art polish.

I liked this color combo a lot so I am keeping it for the weekend,then Monday I already have something else planned:)

That's all for today.hope you liked it:) Enjoy the weekend:)

Love and Kisses :***


  1. Adoro, super giras para esta Primavera :)

  2. Što je otkačena kombinacija boja, color blocking na noktima, kul :D

  3. Thats a really nice color combo, really nice :)

  4. As cores ficam mesmo bem juntas. ADorei a combinação!

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