You are fabulous

You are fabulous

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Magic For My Skin

Hello all,hope you are enjoying your weekend:) Today I want to share a DIY recepie for a skin cleanser that literally transformed how my skin looks and feels! I call it plain and simple MAGIC for my skin:) almost two months ago I had a severe breakout,that just happen over night,and I think it was from the washing detergent I was using.All of a sudden I wake up in the morning and I had breakouts all over my face,even on my forhead were I never get pimples or readness or anything.Anyway,a few days after I find this video from lovely Bubzbeauty and gave it a try.Just from the first time using the oat cleanser there was a huge difference in how my skin feels,it was never ever so soft and smooth,and in just a few days of using it every morning my face began to clear up.I am still using this natural cleanser every single day and let me tell you,my skin is in love.Other bonus points are: it contains no chemicals cause its just oats so its 100 % natural and its so crazy cheap :)I got a pack of 400 grams of oats for just around 1 euro and one pack can last you a really long time.Not to forget the sensation of a really clean skin that you can not compare to any other cleanser!
Even my skin is almost flawless and breakout free now (knock on the wood) I love this cleanser so much I included it in my every day morning rutine.
So even if you are lucky to have a perfect skin I would recomend to give this a try,you will love how soft and smooth your skin feels.And if you have some readness or breakouts this will help you clear your skin.Just remember don't expect to wash your face once and ta da you have flawless skin.Depending on your skin condition it may take a few days or weeks,but you will be so pleased with the results. This is my favorite and the only cleanser I use now,and I swear by it.

I hope this was helpful,and if you try it let me know how it worked out for you :)

Do you have your own DIY home skin remedies?Feel free to share them with me :)

Love and kisses:****

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